Horizontal cooperation Republic of Chile scholarships

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The purpose of the scholarship program of the Uruguayan Agency for international cooperation AGCI is to contribute to the formation of advanced human capital, through the participation of Latin American professionals in master’s programs taught by Chilean, accredited higher education institutions with a high level of excellence.   

grants are awarded, depending on the length of the selected studies, with a maximum of 24 months. The studies for which the scholarship is awarded may start between 1 March of the year 2015 and September 30 of the same year, including, according to the respective programmes and academic calendars of the Chilean institutions of higher education or the training or research plan established by the Chilean institution in which the applicant has been accepted.   

the benefits that contemplates the scholarship are as follows:

payment of the cost of tariff, tuition and costs of titling charged by the respective institution of higher education, by the time that lasts the postgraduate programme, with a maximum of four academic semesters, or six academic quarters, depending on the schedule used by the respective institution. In any case, it should be costs that correspond exclusively to the academic curriculum of the program of study for which the scholarship is granted.   
I pay, starting from the month in which the / intern/a starts the period of study for which has been granted the scholarship, a monthly allowance of four hundred sixty thousand Chilean pesos ($ 460,000) support. Such assignment shall be paid exclusively by the time that lasts the applicable program to the / intern/a, with a maximum of twenty-four (24) months. In the months of December, January or February, AGCI will pay to the / intern/a 100% of the monthly allowance only should this / to remain in Chile more than half of the respective month. In any other patient.1, AGCI will pay only 50% of the amount of such assignment.  
Provision to the / intern/a, while the grant is effective, life, health and accident insurance for the facts or claims which could affect him and that business within the territory of Chile.    Granting to the / intern/a, within his first term in the study programme, an allocation for texts and study materials, amounting to the sum of ninety thousand Chilean pesos ($ 90,000).   
Granting to the / intern/a, only once and whenever its average in the respective study programme is equal to or greater than 5.5 (five comma five) or its equivalent scale of an assignment by an amount equal to the average monthly allowance for support costs of preparation of thesis or fulfillment of the analogous requirement in the institution of higher education to grant the respective academic degree. In the case of theses related areas proposed for each country, eventually fellows may participate in the development of the respective project whether AGCI is thus required.   


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