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Rectification of the bases first and fifth b) of the resolution of February 10, 2014 by which summon scholarships to the programme of work of the Council of consumers and users for the year 2014 and three scholarships for the theoretical and practical postgraduate training in the field of consumption, at the Council of consumers and users, in regime of competitive concurrency, for graduates.

the purpose of the grants is theoretical training and practice of graduates as specialists in the field of consumption, as well as the provision of support for human resources for the development of the tasks of the Council of consumers and users.

to do this, the training will take place through a tutoring program that includes theoretical and practical training of the scholars in the field of regulations related to the protection of consumers and users, as well as their institutional representation through their associations.

Fellows will have the advice, guidance, direction and supervision of a tutor, who will be the Secretary of the Council of consumers and users.

guardian monthly will evaluate the compliance of the designed training programme, prior to the payment of the monthly amount of the scholarship.

as requirement in this correction figure be in possession of a university degree.

opens a new deadline for submission of applications for twenty calendar days, counted from the following the publication of this resolution in the official bulletin of the State.