Grants of research University of Malaga

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The University of Málaga invites research grants funded projects, contracts and agreements for research.

may apply for these scholarships who have academic or qualification conditions in the different profiles listed in the annex to this resolution, provided that possess Spanish nationality or be nationals of a member country of the European Union, or are foreign residents in Spain at the time of applying for the scholarship.

the enjoyment of the grant on the basis of this call is incompatible with any other scholarship or aid financed with Spanish or community public or private funds, as well as wage or salary that involves contractual or statutory link of the person concerned.

projects are as follows:

No. scholarships: 1.

reference project: 808000369 (VAT).

code Scholarship: 929.

principal investigator: Miguel Francisco Canovas Ramos.

Department: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (Faculty of Sciences).

dedication: 20 hours.

duration: 6 months.

amount: 550,00 euros.

profile of the grant: Licenciado/a in biology.

is an advantage: Licenciado/a in biology.

No. scholarships: 1.

reference project: 808000369 (VAT).

code Scholarship: 930.

principal investigator: Alejandro Pérez García.

Department: Microbiology (Faculty of Sciences).

dedication: 38 hours.

duration: 6 months.

size: 1.100,00 euros.

profile of the grant: Licenciado/a in biology or biotechnology.

is an advantage: proven experience in plant pathology or microbiology, and in particular

biological control of microbial plant diseases, as well as advanced knowledge in biology and

Molecular Genetics of microorganisms.

academic qualifications further as Master or doctoral studies.

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