Grants of CONACYT and the DAAD 2015

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The National Council for science and technology (CONACYT), in collaboration with the German service of academic exchange (DAAD) call for Mexican citizens wishing to conduct studies of doctorate or master’s degree in Germany quality programs, to participate in the selection process to obtain a scholarship.

to be eligible for this scholarship, you must be one of Mexican professionals that wish to make or are already doing postgraduate studies in German institutions of international quality, preferably within the areas set out in the PECITI:

natural sciences: astronomy, biology, materials science, physics, mathematics, Earth Sciences and marine sciences Chemistry.
Energy: Sustainable consumption of energy, renewable and clean energy, exploration, extraction and use of conventional and non-conventional hydrocarbons.
Engineering: Automation and robotics, advanced manufacturing, urban engineering and transport, information technology, telecommunications and electronics, nanotechnologies, nanosciences, aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, engineering.
Environmental Sciences: Hydrology, climate change, ecosystems and biodiversity, oceanography.
Biotechnology and agricultural sciences: aquaculture, agronomy, food and its production, biotechnology, veterinary medicine and animal husbandry.
Health Sciences: Diseases of national importance, preventive medicine, and the health care, forensic medicine, biomedical sciences and emerging.

Applicants from mastery of high quality whose program of studies is not referred to in the above areas, may participate in this call for proposals and will be assessed according to the criteria laid down in the present, and where appropriate, will be a support for the maintenance and complementary support for tuition fees pursuant to paragraph 6.1 of the call that you’ll find at the link the original source.

the goal is to offer support for the training of Mexican professionals, in order to increase the capacity of scientific, technological and innovation of the country and contribute to its development. The modality of this call is fellowship training at postgraduate level: doctorate and MBA, full-time face-to-face programs.

the beginning of the support will be from September 2015 or the beginning of the school and/or school immediately subsequent to the publication of results. No scholarships whose program of studies start after April of 2016 will be allocated.

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