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Grants new and Personal renewals researcher Doctor

The purpose of this order is lay the regulatory groundwork and convene scholarships for research staff doctor training in centres of application in the Basque country and temporary displacement abroad corresponding to the year 2012-2013. The call includes both new scholarships and the renewal of those granted for the academic year 2011-2012 for the postdoctoral program.

the total amount of the Programme convened, considering the budgetary year of the commitment appropriations for the year 2013 (2.063.930,40), and the year 2012 (229.325,60) amounts to 2.293.256,00 euros, being the amount corresponding to each line as follows:

new scholarships: 443.856,00 euros (credit payment 44.385,60 euros and credit from 399.470 compromise, 4euros). Renewal of scholarships: 1.849.400,00 euros (credit of payment 1.664.460,00 euros 184.940,00 euros and credit of commitment).

these scholarships are aimed at investigating person doctor who subscribes to an employment contract for work or service determined with a university based in the Basque country or with Ikerbasque.

the deadline for submission is open until July 6.