Grants Institute Cántabro of statistics

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The Cantabrian Institute of statistics (ICANE) convenes four scholarships for training, specialization and collaboration, two for the service of economic statistics and Sociodemograficas, section of economic statistics, and other two scholarships for computer science and database service.

Podran to be beneficiarias all those who meet the following requirements:

to) be Spanish or national of a Member State of the European Union. 

b) be registered in any of the municipalities of the autonomous community of Cantabria. 

c) be in possession of the qualifications required for each of the scholarships in accordance with the following list:

– the scholarship section of economic statistics, economic statistics and Sociodemograficas service: degree or Bachelor’s degree in economics, management and business administration, Sciences and statistical techniques or diploma in statistics. 

– For scholarships in Informatics and database service: degree in engineering of telecommunication technologies or telecommunication engineering, degree in computer engineering or in computer engineering, degree in physics or Bachelor’s degree in physical sciences and degree in mathematics or Bachelor of mathematical sciences. 

d) have finalizado the required qualifications to qualify for scholarships in the academic year 2008 / 2009, or in subsequent courses. 

e) have not been beneficiario of a scholarship for training in the administration of the autonomous community of Cantabria for two or more years. 

f) not being in any of the circumstances provided for in article 12(2) of the law of Cantabria 10/2006, 17 of July of grants of Cantabria. 

g) have not been separated from the service of any administration or agency public or private as a result of disciplinary having or lost the status of scholarship in public administration or public body for reasons attributable to the person who aspires to the scholarship.

the deadline for the submission of applications will be 10 working days from the day after the publication of this order in the session Bulletin of Cantabria.

the grant will have beginning the day of incorporation of the selected person and finalizara on December 31, 2014. The amount of the scholarship will be 800 euros gross per month, which will apply the withholding obligations that apply, and which shall be paid to the month, following a report of the guardian or guardian certifying that certifying the satisfactory development of the training. In any case the amount collected will be considered salary or remuneration. The amount of Social Security corresponding to the share of company for common contingencies will be 30,52 euros, and the amount for occupational contingencies will be 4.20 euros, for the period between the day of beginning of the scholarship and on December 31, 2014 and are financiara charged to budgetary application 01.01. 931A. 483.

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