Grants from the Government for foreigners 2013 Mexico

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Mexico Government convenes their scholarships for foreigners by 2013 to conduct studies of:

specialization, masters and doctorate
Medical specialties
Research postgraduate
Mobility at the undergraduate and graduate level
Rooms for artistic creation
High-level conferences
Research for mexicanistas
Stays for media partners
Rooms for visiting professors.

No scholarship is awarded for pre-admission courses or for direct doctorates (postgraduate integrated master’s and doctorate), programs of distance education, in virtual mode and open education.

Mexican cultural diplomacy has worked for decades in various successful programmes; one of them is, without doubt, the formation of human capital through grants for obtaining academic degrees and conducting research in various areas of knowledge.

the General Directorate for educational and Cultural cooperation through the Directorate for academic exchange, designs and administers the scholarship program for foreigners of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Mexico government scholarships provide two modalities: the academic scholarships and fellowships for special programs.

scholarships for academic studies are offered to perform complete programs to level specialty, master’s, doctoral and research at postgraduate level. The offer also includes academic mobility in the undergraduate and graduate levels. For its part, grants for special programs devoted to stays of short duration aimed at visiting professors, researchers in Mexico topics, partners in media and stays of artistic creation, among others.

scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis up by:

1 year for specialization studies
2 years for master studies
3 years for doctoral studies
3 years for specialities and medical subspecialties
From 1 to 12 months to research level postgraduate and postdoctoral stays
an academic period (quarter, semester or semester) for mobility programs undergraduate and graduate level.

in the selection preference will be given to candidates:

choose a programme on priority issues for the development of their country
Study postgraduate courses that are not taught in their country of origin
Carrying out studies or research in institutions that are located in the States of the Mexican Republic inside
They are professors or researchers of public institutions of higher education and centres of scientific research in your country
Are public officials who have carried out their areas or programs of special interest for his country

this call will remain valid until 31 August 2012.

for special programmes, until November 30, 2012.

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