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Grants from the European University of Madrid programme TOP

The Universidad Europea de Madrid has opened the application period for the scholarships of the TOP program (Outstanding Talented People) during the 2012-2013. This initiative, launched only by the most prestigious schools in the world, offers brightest students the possibility of forming part of a specialized training plan whose objective is to promote the academic quality and the development of personal and professional skills.   

these scholarships are aimed at students who have demonstrated high academic performance in the stages prior to university education and who wish to continue their training in a qualification degree of the University and benefit from the TOP program.

the program is aimed at students from new entrants in titulaciones de Grado (first course) who have completed their studies prior to college with an excellent academic record, a high level of English and outstanding personal powers. Also students of degree of the Universidad Europea de Madrid who in previous years have been part of programmes of high capabilities of the University and who have completed academic course 11-12 with an excellent record academic, a high level of English and outstanding personal powers.

the program will have a maximum duration of four years in which the students, under the guidance of his personal tutor, advance progressively making a minimum number of activities.

applications for scholarship, both for students new admission for students who already participate in the TOP program, should be delivered in the academic secretariat of the European University of Madrid for evaluation and approval by the Commission of scholarships.