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Grants for studies abroad in economics and business

The Cajamurcia Foundation and the Faculty of Economics and business of the University of Murcia under the objective of promoting the information to professionals in the future have direct economic activities of the region of Murcia, call for the academic year 2012-2013 aid to students for studies abroad in the field of Economics and business administration.

may apply for aid the Murcia University students who are enrolled in the 2011-2012 course.

activity to develop must be framed within the Erasmus, ILA, ISEP programs or other programs of international mobility of the University of Murcia. Study of the foreign university programme will take targeted training in the field of Economics and business administration.

staffing consists of four bags of travel in the amount of 425 euros per student. Applications can be submitted until 1400 hours of June 29, 2012.