Grants for biomedical research with Bemiparina

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Rovi Announces scholarships for original research projects and scientific interest framed within any area of research provided that they contribute to broadening knowledge about Bemiparina and their therapeutic potential in clinical practice.

will be awarded at least three scholarships. Studies may be both basic research as clinical.

basic research should be oriented towards aspects which have a clinical application, and so Rovi could supply Bemiparina as pure active ingredient when it is justified.

clinical studies will present different types of experimental design, provided they are methodologically appropriate, viable and ethically acceptable. In this mode, it will be necessary to get the favorable report of a clinical research Ethics Committee, as well as the approval of the competent health authorities, when applicable, according to the local regulations in force.

the duration of the project, since the signing of the cooperation agreement to the dispatch of the final results to a journal or scientific Congress, must not exceed 3 years. The memory of the project must be drafted in English or Spanish and must include the following sections:

name and surnames of the members of the research team, stating details of filiation of the Principal investigator (location of your work, post, phone, email).
Data of sonship with the head of the Centre that will authorize the implementation of the project in the same (name and surname, position, phone, email).
Background information on the topic of the project and justification of scientific and practical interest in the same.
Primary and secondary objectives of the project.
Material and methods: such as population of the study, inclusion and exclusion criteria, primary and secondary variables, methods for the measurement of variables, schedule visits, statistical considerations.
Project planning: timetable with dates of start and end, as well as of intermediate milestones, when applicable.
Ethical aspects. Ethics Committee which will approve and oversee the project, when you apply.
Curriculum Vitae of the Principal investigator.
Analysis of the feasibility of the project, with particular reference to the experience and publications on the subject of the project of the research team, detailing the necessary means for its realization and justifying the availability thereof.
Budget of the project by concepts and annuities.

where the project budget exceeds the amount of the maximum of the grant (30,000 euros) Endowment, only be accepted to contest those who disclosed in the notes on additional funding sources (public or private) and the amount of them.

to be able to compete, all the documentation above detailed should be sent on a CD in electronic format (MS Word or pdf) no later than June 15, 2013 at the following address: reference “Scholarships Bemiparina 2013”. Department doctor.  Laboratorios Farmaceuticos ROVI, S.A. Julian Camarillo, 35. 28037 Madrid (Spain) also may send electronically to the following e-mail address:

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