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Grants access to the course of adaptation to the grade in pilot

The Adventia Foundation Announces 34 scholarships for access to the course of adaptation to the degree in commercial aviation and air operations pilot adapted to the European space of Superior education of the University of Salamanca. This course is taught by the school of pilots Adventia, European College of Aeronautics as affiliated Centre. Funding for the program, the year 2015-2016, will be 220,000 euros.

the purpose of these scholarships is to promote the official university studies adapted to the European higher education area between the pilots of airline experience. It seeks an excellent training, encourage the trans-national mobility and the specialization of commercial aviation pilots.

in addition, these scholarships aims that all the talent of the pilots will be reinforced and promote, in this way, career training and research for occupational inclusion in works with highly qualified who now not could access by the lack of recognition of University studies and professional experience.

in this way, can access the program commercial pilots that meet the specific requirements of each form of scholarship. They are as follows.

grants network

four scholarships for many experienced pilots who have lost their license to fly for medical reasons in the past ten years and who wish to continue their career in management positions. More than 2,400 hours of flight should be. These scholarships are endowed with 10,000 euros in lump sum.

grants boost

aid for young Spanish pilots working in companies in another country, with less than 35 years old and with less than 5,000 certified hours of flight in commercial aviation. Ten scholarships endowed with 6,000 euros.

scholarship Alliance

the requirements to access these scholarships are to work as a commercial aviation pilot in one of the companies shareholders of reference Adventia, European College of Aeronautics (Iberia, Air Europa or its subsidiaries) or that coalbora, such as Vueling. 10 grants of 6,000 euros.

scholarship CLUB

to access these grants is requirement part of the Club of former students of machicolation. 6,000 euros of Endowment for 10 scholarships.