Grant Kenneth Galbraith

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Franklin Institute – UAH announces the fourth edition of the scholarship Kenneth Galbraith, aimed at researchers pre-or postdoctoral in its first two years, interested in conducting a study on economic issues related to us.UU.

The scholarship has a staff of 1,600 euros for lodging, maintenance, material, etc. In addition, the Institute provides adequate space to study in its dependencies of the Trinitarian school for 15 days in July or the first two weeks of September 2013.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship Kenneth Galbraith on March 28, 2013. The election will be conducted by a Committee chosen for this purpose. The name of the designee will be made public on the website of the Institute. or click here.

Character: Intends this scholarship aid to research on economic issues related to us. UU.

Aimed at researchers: pre-or postdoctoral in its first two years.

Conditions: The person selected for the enjoyment of the scholarship shall mention the scholarship in publications arising during your stay at the Institute. The scholarship is incompatible with other scholarships or grants coming from public or private funds.

Endowment: 1,600 euros. Such assistance is financed by the Franklin Institute – UAH. The aid consists of 600 euros for accommodation and maintenance in place proposed by the Franklin Institute, up to 200 euros for transport, 100 euros for photocopies and office supplies, 100 euros for computer equipment and 600 euros in the proposed specific bibliography books by the / the applicant; These books will be part of the bibliographic Fund of the Institute, but will be available to support who has succeeded at the time in which you can enjoy the. You will provide adequate space to study in the dependencies of the Franklin Institute – UAH.


Application form

Curriculum vitae

Academic personal record if the applicant is a Research Assistant or student; u service record if you are teacher, issued by the proper authorities of your center work or institution.

Signed statement that the applicant does not perceive any other aid for this purpose during the period of support.

Short memory of the research project (State of the question, specific objectives, methodology, etc.) It is also listed the relevant literature that the / the applicant would like to purchase charged to the help, according to the former bases.

Duration and dates of enjoyment: 15 days in July or the first two weeks of September 2012.

Selection process: the selection will be made by a Committee chosen to that end by the Instituto Franklin-UAH. The resolution will be public on the website of the Instituto Franklin-UAH.

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