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Grant from Fundación Iberdrola and the Prado National Museum restoration

Announcement of a grant to complete the training of future specialists and to encourage research in the Area of restoration of the Prado Museum for ten months. The grant will go to the sculpture workshop.

the amount of aid is fixed at 15,000 euros a year, which should be paid for monthly payments due during its duration, being subject to retentions established by tax legislation for labour income.

aid for the grant will be financed with the contribution of the Iberdrola Foundation, to promptly transferred their respective contribution to the Museo Nacional del Prado, in accordance with the cooperation agreements entered into by it with that one.

the enjoyment of aid on the basis of this call will be incompatible with any other scholarship or aid financed with public or private Spanish or Community funds as well as wages or salaries which involve contractual or statutory link of the person concerned, and should be reinstated the amounts unduly received.

applicants, always natural persons, must submit an application, to which will be accompanied by the following documentation:

- photocopy of the ID and tax ID of the applicant, or equivalent document of the
European Union

- in the Curriculum vitae, stating the academic record, with indication of average rating. The academic records with less than remarkable or equivalent credits average rating will be rejected.

- Applicants must possess the qualifications required for the scholarship offered, or titles validated in force, in direct relation with the scholarship to play, have completed the required certification at the time of the request, and an age less than 35 years. It means required qualification, diploma or degree or degree in restoration at official centres, not for postgraduate or doctoral studies.

- two letters signed by active professors who have taught class scholarship applicants.

- exhibition of motives and results expected on the project which is part of the scholarship at a maximum extension five pages (double spaced).

- supporting documents be aware of payment on their tax obligations and Social Security.

applicants must also comply with the following specific requirements, which will be subject to assessment in the selection:

- degree in restoration at official centres, specialty sculpture, or Bachelor's degree or degree in fine arts, specializing in sculpture.

- knowledge about the collection of the National Museum of the Prado.

- knowledge on preventive conservation.

- knowledge of legislation of historic heritage, museology and cultural management.

- knowledge of English and computer science.

documentation will be sent by postal mail to the following address: registration General of the Museum del Prado, calle Ruiz de Alarcon, 23, 28014 Madrid. Phone 91 330 28 00 (ext. 2006 and 2007), open to the public, Monday to Friday, from 9,00 to 14, 00 h.