Grant Area of education of the Prado Museum

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Announcement of a grant to complete the training of future specialists and encourage research in the Area of education of the Prado Museum, in particular, in the development of new technologies applied to education.

the amount of aid is fixed at 18,000 euros per year, which will be paid in monthly payments due during its duration, being subject to retentions established by tax legislation for labour income. The enjoyment of an aid on the basis of this call will be incompatible with any other scholarship or aid financed with public or private Spanish or Community funds as well as wages or salaries which involve contractual or statutory link of the person concerned, and should be reinstated the amounts unduly received.

applicants, always natural persons, must submit an application, to which will be accompanied by the following documentation:

– photocopy of ID and the ID of the applicant, or equivalent document of the European Union.

– Curriculum vitae, stating the academic record, with indication of certified average rating. The academic records with less than remarkable or equivalent credits average rating will be rejected.

– Applicants must possess the required qualification or qualifications validated in force, in direct relation with the scholarship to play. As to the term, the completion of the degree/extent, is will serve exclusively for the indicated period while taking into consideration the date of completion of postgraduate and doctoral studies.

– two letters signed by active professors who have taught class scholarship applicants.

– memory of a maximum of 5 pages (double spaced) on a project proposal on the content of the scholarship, that includes at least: objectives, approach of the project, index and basic bibliography.

– exhibition of motives and results expected on the project which is part of the scholarship in an extension of half page (double spaced).

– supporting documents be aware of payment on their tax obligations and with the Social Security 1.

1 the corresponding certificates will be requested in the tax and Social security administrations.

applicants must meet, also, the following specific requirements, which will be subject to assessment in the selection:

– degree or degree in digital design, art history, fine arts, humanities, pedagogy, teaching, psychology, or any other specialty related to the content of the scholarship and completed after January 2009.

– knowledge about the history and collections of the Museo del Prado.

– knowledge on the application of new technologies to education.

– digital literacy skills.

– e-learning expertise.

– design and digital editing.

– knowledge of English.

– domain image processing programs.

applications should be submitted to the registry of the public organism Museo Nacional del Prado, calle Ruiz de Alarcón, number 23, ground floor, Madrid, or in any of the forms provided for in article 38.4 of law 30/1992, of 26 November, within the period of twenty calendar days counting from the day following the publication of this call for proposals in the official bulletin of the State.

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