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Government of Cantabria livestock, fisheries and Rural development scholarships

The Ministry of livestock, fisheries and Rural development of the Government of Cantabria has convened five scholarships for training for practical training and specialization. Two of them, in the field of laboratory, one in health and Animal welfare, and two more in the forest area.

two scholarships, whose laboratory and Control Service Centre, will be awarded for studies and work of practical training in basic laboratory techniques, reception and processing of samples; specific training in the areas of Microbiology, serology, virology, parasitology, food science, food analysis, instrumental analysis, molecular biology and other investigative techniques and laboratory diagnosis.

other, bound in the service of health and Animal welfare, shall be granted for studies and practical training jobs in: prevention and fight against animal diseases transmissible to humans (zoonoses). Preventing and combating animal diseases of great diffusion and of great economic importance. Plans for combating diseases contagious, not included in campaigns of livestock sanitation and diseases of parasitic etiology. Control of animal products. Control of additives and medicated feedingstuffs in general. Track products banned in the fattening of animals for slaughter: passage, Hormonales, Anti-hormonales, etc., programs of animal welfare during transport and operation.

may request the granting of fellowships of laboratory who are in possession of the title of Bachelor of veterinary science, Bachelor of biological sciences, graduate in chemical sciences, Bachelor of pharmacy, licensed in science and food technology, Superior chemical engineering or higher Industrial Engineering specialty chemistry and the Fellowship of those who are in possession of the b.s. degree in veterinary health and Animal welfare.

training in the forest area The two remaining scholarships, whose activity will be the General direction of mountains and nature conservation in Santander, without prejudice to the necessary field trips, are oriented to practical training and specialization in the field of management of exploitation and other actions on forests and protected areas.

in particular, will aim the specialization and practical training in the area of the forest exploitation (signs, cubicaciones, drafting of specifications, control their execution, etc), of the management of works and papers of the forestry field (preparation of tables of prices and budgets), drafting of reports and specifications, preparation of certifications of works(, control of executions, etc), the defence of the property of the public domain forest (technical revision of the catalog of mountains of public utility), the analysis of the technical content of memories and projects presented in the lines of forest grants, as well as the conduct of studies and technical work in these matters in the area of the autonomous community of Cantabria.

may request the granting of these two scholarships who are in possession of the title of engineer on forestry or forestry technical engineer.

duration, amount and time limits All scholarships will have a duration of six months, ending on December 31, 2012, may be extended for a maximum period of twelve months. Its amount shall be 800 euros gross/month.

requests be submitted until June 16.