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Fundación SEPI - mains of Spain scholarships

The SEPI Foundation offers 40 grants, scalable, designed to facilitate a practical training in the centres of Red Eléctrica de Spain (REE), young people who have completed certain college or higher level training cycles.

the formative period will run for eleven months. The incorporation of the fellows is scheduled for the month of June 2012. This however, at the request of REE, may establish, in addition, other dates of incorporation, in which case it would respect the duration of the scholarship.

the practical training of the fellow is carried out in any of the centers that REE has established in Spain. The endowment of the scholarship is 12,000 euros per year for Fellows who have completed university studies and 9,000 euros for Fellows who have completed higher level training cycles.

requirements for scholarships SEPI-REE Having completed studies and, where appropriate, practices, leading to the obtaining of any of the titles below are related in any of the universities or the Spanish State vocational training centres or otherwise, have the title approved, in accordance with the legislation in force, by the Ministry of education, culture and sport of Spain. Qualifications: degree upper, middle or grade. Engineering: industrial (electric, electronic, energy, and automatic), computer science, telecommunications, mines (energy resources), organization and environmental sciences: physical, mathematical and environmental. Legal Sciences, work, communication and information, economy and business. Cycle training degree Superior facilities electrotécnicas automatic systems of regulation and control administration languages: valuable high level of English and/or French. Being born after May 31, 1983. Requests to have access to scholarships of the programme was formulated exclusively, by filling in the form established for this purpose on the website of the SEPI Foundation (

the deadline for submission of applications will be closed on May 11, 2012.