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If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Barrié Foundation has launched a call for 45 scholarships whose application period ends on March 31. Total grants convened, 30 are Predoctoral fellowships for international mobility, with two modes: mode A, with up to 25 fellowships to facilitate the international mobility of doctoral students with contractual relationship or grant to carry out research in international centres of excellence for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months; and B mode, with up to five scholarships to also facilitate the international mobility of doctoral students without contractual link or scholarship for research stays in centres of excellence international for a period of between three and six months.

Moreover, Barrié Foundation Announces five post-doctoral fellowships to facilitate research of doctors in international centres of excellence for a minimum of three months and maximum of 24. Finally, summon ten scholarships for master’s degree in foreign studies. Applicants may choose a maximum of five destinations.

these scholarships of Barrié Foundation is open to all areas of knowledge, although priority will be given to projects that are considered higher impact potential for Galicia, particularly in the cambos of biotechnology, science, health, entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation, energy (including renewables) and environmental, agroforestry sector, aeronautical, nautical, and auxiliary, automotive and auxiliary, and information and communications technologies (ICT

of Barrié Foundation scholarships have the following equipment:

1.600 euros gross per month for master studies)
1,700 euros per month gross for the realization of pre-doctoral stays abroad when there are no contractual linkage grant (mode B)
700 euros per month gross for the realization of pre-doctoral stays abroad when there is a contractual relationship or grant (form A)
1,800 euros per month gross for postdoctoral research stays
Only initial Endowment equivalent to a monthly fee for installation, material, seminars, and other expenses. This endowment will be 1,600 euros for master scholarships,
1,700 euros for Predoctoral fellowships international mobility (mode A and B), and
1,800 euros for postdoctoral fellowships.
Only initial endowment of € 1,000 for transportation to the country of destination.
Expenses for registration and enrolment in the Centre of destination, without limit. The exact amount that will be paid in respect of registration will be consistent with the figures contained in the request. For MBA programs and graduate programs taught by business schools, the grant will reach a maximum of 30,000 euros to cover tuition fees.
Insurance accident and disease when the destination countries have no concert with Spanish Social security or coverages were insufficient.
Advice offered by the Association of Fellows of Barrié Foundation (with more than 800 members); in particular, guidance and procedures for the admission into a centre of prestige if you’re still not admitted in any.

to access one of these postgraduate fellowships abroad that summons Barrié Foundation is necessary to meet the following requirements

being of Spanish nationality
Having a connection with Galicia
Good academic record
High motivation to complete a project clear and social impact
Mastery of the language of work in the country of destination
Have a university degree: Bachelor’s degree/degree/engineering after (or place the final year year 2012-2013, and must justify his end before 20/09/2013; in the case of technical courses, prior to 31-01-2014)

to qualify for one of these scholarships is also necessary to accredit the language only in cases in which the candidate does not have admission. In this way, to carry out studies taught in English be prices provide some of the following tests: (260 CBT or 105 iBT) TOEFL, IELTS (7) or the University of Cambridge Proficiency certificate. For studies conducted in other languages will have to accredit knowledge knowledge with the certificate that corresponds.

Foundation annually appoints a selection Committee for each of the possible destinations, which include, among others, members of the Association of scholars. These committees selected from all nominations received, applicants with better academic, professional or research experience, who are summoned to a personal interview.

in this interview, each Committee assesses with the candidate the coherence and the scope of the proposed project. It is important to note that interview, face-to-face nature, is not optional nor replaceable by any other evidence. The final list of candidates will be announced through this web page during the second quarter of the year 2013.

the schedule of this call for scholarships is as follows:

closure of the call for proposals: March 31, 2013 at 23:00.
Communication of the result of pre-selection and call for interviews: May 21, 2013
Interviews for predoctoral candidates: June 7, 2013
Interviews candidates for master’s and postdoctoral: June 14, 2013
Communication of the final result: June 21, 2013
Home Scholarship: before December 31, 2014

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