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Fundación Antonio Gala scholarship for young artists

The Foundation Antonio Gala for young creators in the framework of the project live in art, made public the XI 18 bursaries to encourage and promote the creation. The objective is to support the creative work of young artists in different modalities. These scholarships have as main purpose the coexistence between different branches of the world of art and culture, thereby fostering mutual enrichment.

the aim is to provide young promising trajectory in their respective disciplines (literature, music, painting, sculpture, cinema...), the development of a project during the academic year 2012-2013.

Furthermore, the Fundación Antonio Gala for young creators call for this same period an extraordinary place for research on some specific aspect of the work and figure of Antonio Gala.

eligible creators and researchers of any nationality, with the prerequisite speak Spanish and have between 18 and 25 years, both including the last day of the deadline for this call.

the scholarship includes the stay at the headquarters of the Córdoba (Spain) Foundation in October 2012 until June 2013. During the course, residents are exclusively dedicated to the development of the project which they were elected, and must, except for cause exceptional and justified, stay at the headquarters of the Foundation.

accommodation and maintenance, as well as the material and the necessary spaces to enable residents to develop their creative work, shall be borne by the Foundation. The economic limit dedicated to each resident working material it shall be the Board of Trustees of the Foundation according to budgetary availability.

the deadline for submission of applications for the Foundation Antonio Gala for young creators Fellowship will be open until May 25.