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Full PhD Position in Engineering at University of Bremen in Germany, 2017

The Faculty 4 (Production Engineering – Mechanical Engineering & Process Engineering) of the University of Bremen is offering Full PhD Position (TV-L 13) working for a doctorate in the Engineering Sciences starting April 1, 2017 until March 31, 2019.

University invites highly motivated and outstanding graduate students (MSc or equivalent) graduating in 2016 with a sound background in physics, computational electrodynamics and related areas to apply.

The project is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

Project: Efficient recursive algorithms in the invariant imbedding T-Matrix Method for computation of light scattering

Optical methods for particles and particle system characterization involve a variety of light scattering interactions. Efficient numerical simulation tools can help to understand the light scattering interactions, to design new optical characterization methods and especially to invert a measured light scattering signal to find the particle characteristics that is of interest.

The objective of the project is development of the invariant imbedding method such that it becomes a suitable light scattering method to overcome the still existing limitations of the T-Matrix Method meaning that it will be extended to large and inhomogeneous scatterers but still keeps the advantages of the original versatility of the T-Matrix Method such as simple variation of incident field and combining T-Matrices for complex particle systems.


The University of Bremen intends to further increase the share of women in academic employment; women are explicitly encouraged to apply. Applicants with a migratory background and international applications are highly welcome. Disabled candidates will receive preferred consideration over equally qualified contenders.

The application should include a detailed CV and scans of the usual supporting documents along with a brief explanation of how your skills and interests match the post.

How To Apply: Please send you application with the usual documents until February 28th, 2017 specification of position code A5/17 to University by post or by email as a single pdf.

Application Deadline: Application deadline is February 28, 2017.