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Fourth Wall scholarship freshmen in the Regular course of interpretation

Announcement of scholarship to study acting at fourth wall. The scholarships cover more than 50% of the cost of tuition for the first year of the Regular course of interpretation (1.000 euro per person). The economic situation of each applicant, their attitude and skills will be valued for granting them. The selected first must make a practical working session that will decide who receives a scholarship.

Moreover, must submit the Declaration of family or personal income and not exceed certain standards laid down in the rules; also be taken into account the heritage and certain academic requirements, as you have at least Bachelor's degree or equivalent title. The age to apply for the scholarships is aged 18 to 35.

for delivery of paper-based forms application period closes on September 6, 2013, at 14: 00. To deliver online documentation date is the deadline is Sunday, September 8, 2013, within 24 hours.

School of theatre fourth wall has more than 26 years forming actors and professionals in the performing arts, has a Center in which classes are taught by the best professionals and offers internships in the 4th wall Theatre room, space for two hundred localities that receives more than 25,000 spectators every year and most interesting contemporary theatrical scene national and international companies.