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    FONCA National Prize for Arts and Literature 2019

    The 2019 National Prize for Arts and Literature will be awarded to those who for their creations, productions or teaching papers of research or dissemination have contributed to enrich the cultural heritage of the country of Mexico or the progress of linguistics and literature, fine arts, history, social sciences, philosophy and popular arts and traditions, as well as artistic expressions in general.

    The Prize will be awarded in each of the following fields:

    1. Linguistics and Literature;
      1. II. Fine Arts;
      2. III. History, Social Sciences and Philosophy;
      3. IV. Popular Arts and Traditions.

    The Prize shall be awarded for the public recognition of a singularly exemplary conduct or trajectory or for the transcendence of valuable acts or works for the benefit of humanity, the country or any person, without it being necessary for such acts or works to be have been done during this year.

    Scholarship benefits

    The Prize in each of its four fields will consist of:

    • A gold medal law 0.900, which will be complemented by a rosette in the case of natural persons.
    • The amount of $823,313.95 (Eight hundred and twenty-three thousand three hundred and pesos 95/100 M.N.), which results from the sum of the amount authorized by the Award Council for this call and the numerary provided for in the Law on Civil Awards, Stimulus and Rewards.
    • A diploma signed by the President of the Republic in which the reasons why the Prize is awarded will be expressed.
    • The incorporation with the distinction of Creator Emeritus to the National System of Art Creators that operates the National Fund for Culture and the Arts.

    These are the requirements to apply for

    To qualify for this help you need to meet the following requirements:

    To be a prize nominee in any of its four fields, you must:

    • Have Mexican nationality at the time of being proposed to the Award Council;
    • Having excelled in one of the fields mentioned above, and
    • Not having previously received this Prize in the same Field of Participation.

    You must also submit the following documentation:

    To register a application, the online application must be completed on the page with the data and documentation required.

    Once the online registration is complete, the following physical documentation must be provided to the home of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts no later than 15 h on 09 August 2019:

    • Birth certificate or naturalization letter from the candidate or representative. In the case of legally constituted groups, they must also submit their charter.
    • Letter by which the corresponding application is proposed.
    • Letter of acceptance to participate as a candidate and, where applicable, to receive the Prize.