Focus-Abengoa Awards Foundation and aid studies 2012

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Foundation Fund of culture of Seville (Focus-Abengoa) announces public contest of merits for the granting of

Awards end of studies
Bag for the extension of studies abroad
Help for language study abroad in summer courses
Grants for further education of students of vocational training
Help for research and awards by the results of participation in training courses or programs.

The following prizes for levels of education and with the provisions given below: five compulsory secondary education Awards, each worth 600 euros; Four awards for Bachelor’s degree, each of them equipped with 600 euros; Two awards of formative cycles of Grado Medio, each of them equipped with 600 euros; two awards of formative cycles of higher grade, each of them equipped with 600 euros; eight awards for the completion of University studies, with each one of them

800 euros.

sets a bag for further education abroad (which excluded the language study), with a minimum of 600 euros and a maximum of 1,200 euros budget.

sets a help for study of language summer courses abroad, with 900 euros.

laying down two aid, each of them equipped with 600 euros for further education of those who have completed a Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior and wish to continue University studies.

Se are 20 prizes, with each of them 600 euros, by the results of participation in programs or training courses organized or promoted by Abengoa, S.A., or by affiliated companies. They shall be promoted or carried out by Abengoa, S.A. or its subsidiaries companies, those qualified as such by the Directorate of human resources of Abengoa.

eligible for this bag members of the workforce of Abengoa, S.A. or its subsidiaries, provided that they remain in this situation both at the time of the request, and the concession and in the delivery of the bag, or the spouses, children or orphans of those who are part of the family unit.

requests can occur until July 4.

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