Five scholarships of the Bank of Spain for extension of studies

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Commission Executive of the Bank of Spain, at its meeting on January 30, 2013, took the agreement to hold a competition for the award of five scholarships, whose purpose is to provide financial assistance for the expansion of study abroad and obtaining degrees of official masters in Spain during the academic year 2013-2014.

these five scholarships will be allocated to finance the extension of studies abroad or in Spain on economy issues, special issues concerning macro theory and microeconomic, monetary and financial economics, international economics and Econometrics.

eligible to grants subject to this call all Spaniards who go to initiate or complete the extension of studies abroad or in Spain and who are in possession of the title of Bachelor or university degree, or another analogue, according to the Bank of Spain. On an exceptional basis, applications from students enrolled in the final year of his career will be accepted. In these cases, the awarding of the scholarship means conditioned that the candidate holds the degree on September 1, 2013.

the beneficiary of a grant must sufficiently know the language of the country where they will carry out their studies and research, so that you can properly learn the corresponding lessons.

grants will have a duration of one academic year, although they may be renewed, at most, by another academic year. In addition, fellows may receive of the Bank of Spain offering to continue their research and studies in the Bank of Spain (Madrid), for a minimum period of one month and maximum of two, between the months of June to September immediately following the academic year of enjoyment of the scholarships. During this period, be provided to grantees access to the extensive collection of resources and documentaries available the service of studies of the Bank of Spain, also facilitating, the exchange of views and expertise with specialists from the Bank.

fellows, in the course of the academic year, may be required by the Bank of Spain to make presentations in their seminars.

for the academic year 2013-2014, further education scholarships are endowed with 20,000 euros gross if you are abroad and 15,000 euros gross if you are in Spain, will be paid in three payments. The first of these will be effective at the beginning of the academic year, while the other two will be made effective in the months of January and April. Fellows that expand studies in countries not members of the European Monetary Union will receive the equivalent of the amount quoted in the currency of the country of destination, change of the day on which the Executive Committee agreed to this call. Only the rights of registration and registration at the relevant university or academic center will be added to the amount reviewed. When grantees choose to continue their research and studies in the Bank of Spain between June and September, as specified in the previous basis, provide them with a bag of studies of 3,000 gross for two months. It should not remain in the Bank of Spain, the full period of two months, applies the proportionate share that corresponds the 3,000 euros gross. This provision will be effective in October.

to those fellows that are required for the realization of seminars at the Bank of Spain, credited them costs of transportation and accommodation, with a total maximum amount of 800 euros, what ever the number of seminars that the intern perform.

stakeholders must complete the appropriate application form, which can be obtained directly from the web site of the Bank of Spain, in his General Register or in any of its branches. The application form and the documentation listed below is related should send email to, before 14: 00 of February 28, 2013.

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