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Five scholarships College Doctoral Tordesillas

With the collaboration of the Santander universities Global Division, the Tordesillas group, within the framework of the doctoral studies and in order to create and develop journal cooperation between research teams or departments of one or several institutions of the Tordesillas group, as well as to facilitate the mobility of students and teachers, develops organizational psychology school Doctoral Tordesillas (CDT)labour and human resources (POT), as reflected in the agreement dated 31 March 2011;

the CDT - POT it consists of the following universities:

University of Seville (Spain) as University Coordinator of the CDT University of Valencia (Spain) Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal) ISCTE - Instituto Universitario of Lisbon (Portugal) Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil) Presbyterian University Mackenzie (Brazil)

the CDT of psychology organizations, labour and human resources has been designed under the principle of inter-university cooperation and quality, promoting the mobility of students and teachers, with the aim of initiating and consolidating scientific partnerships, promoting the incorporation of these students to research teams from universities other than that of originto achieve critical mass and an intensive research environment in the field of the psychology of organizations of labour and human resources.

with this reason group Tordesillas, and the University of Seville as coordinator of CDT-POT, make public the present call for 5 scholarships for studies in any of the universities belonging to the CDT, during the academic year 2012 / 2013 (comprising January d December 2013).

shall be eligible for these scholarships students enrolled in any of the doctoral programmes in the area of the psychology of work, organizations and human resources of the six universities that compose the CDT.

fellowships have intended the realization of a research stay during a semester of the year 2012 / 2013 with full academic recognition in one of the six universities, members of the CST. The stay must be made at a University in a country other than their home University. Mobility among all universities of the Consortium, will be encouraged as far as possible so that each University send and receive students each year. If any available mobility plaza remains vacant may be used by another University.

the selected students will receive:

A 4,800 euros travel bag to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and living expenses, during the 4.5 months of stay. Selected students will be required to submit a medical insurance and valid accident during their stay at the destination University. In addition, the recipient of the scholarship must open a current account in Banco Santander, where enter you the scholarship. General services of each receiving University will support pupils receiving scholarships in the search for accommodation.

the time of the call will remain open until October 30, 2012.