Fisheries management practical training for graduates College

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This order is to establish the regulatory bases for granting five scholarships for training and vocational training in the field of competences exercised the General direction of management Pesquera, of the General Secretariat of fisheries, for graduates College, in the following areas of knowledge:

to) three fellowships in the area of knowledge of the fishing economy.

b) a scholarship in the area of knowledge of the fisheries structural policy.

c) a scholarship in the area of knowledge of fisheries inspection and surveillance.

scholarships will be granted following a timely call made in accordance with provisions of article 23 of law 38/2003 of 17 November, General grant.

1. The purpose of the scholarships is to promote the training and vocational development in the field of fishery markets and structures. The scholarships will be developed within a program that may include the following groups of operations:

to) economic activity and basic management of the fisheries sector.

b) associative entities. Marketing and processing of fishery products. Integration and innovation policies.

c) fisheries inspection and Control. Collection, treatment and verification of the activities included in the common fisheries policy.

d) planning and management of the fleet and Community funds.

2. Practical training and technical and vocational training programme involves the acquisition of knowledge about the activities of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment.

3. Appoint each trainee a tutor’s training which will be responsible for the orientation of the corresponding training.

4. At the end of the program of training and technical and vocational training, the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment, through the General Secretariat of fisheries, provide to the person concerned, prior report of the guardian of training mentioned in the preceding paragraph, an accredited certificate of acquired practical training.

5. Grant and scholarship, given their formative nature and enjoyment of specialization, does not imply shake-up or work relationship between the trainee and the Ministry, and implies acceptance of the provisions in these rules by him. The amount that is paid to fellows in no case shall be considered salary or remuneration, but financial aid for training.

6. Also, participation in the program does not imply merit whatsoever for access to public service or the acquisition of an employment relationship with any public administration.

features of the scholarships.

1. The duration of the fellowships will be one year, and may be extended up to a maximum of four, at the discretion of the Directorate-General for fisheries management, provided there is sufficient budgetary allocation in the following exercises.

2. The individual full amount of the first annuity is 13.404 euros, paid in twelve monthly installments, which shall apply discounts and deductions that apply in accordance with the provisions in force.

Fellows will benefit from an insurance of accidents as well as under the General scheme of the Security Social in the terms and conditions laid down in the Royal Decree 1493 / 2011, on 24 October, for persons participating in training programmes.

the Directorate General of fisheries management may, in addition, the costs of journeys and stays caused by the realization, outside his place of residence, studies and reports requested by that directorate-general, in accordance with the limits laid down in Royal Decree 462/2002, of 24 may, on compensation by reason of service for officers of the Group 2up to a maximum total amount by different concepts of 4,980 EUR per year.

financing of scholarships shall be charged to the budget of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment, through the corresponding budgetary application in the General budgets of the State at the time of the call.

in the event that there is budgetary allocation in successive periods, and that the corresponding extensions of scholarships, the amount thereof will occur is updated by applying the general index of consumer prices in the last year, counting from the first month of enjoyment of the scholarship.

Podran to be beneficiaries of scholarships provided for in the present order those natural persons with full legal capacity who meet the following conditions:

to) be citizen of any Member State of the European Union or third countries resident in Spain or Spanish.

b) mastery of the Spanish language. It will only require documentary evidence in cases in which in the case of non-Spanish candidates and who are resident in Spain for a period less than two years.

c) be in possession of the diploma of Licentiate or engineer, obtained in the four years prior to the publication of the call, or in conditions to obtain it before the closing date for submission of applications. The qualifications obtained abroad or in non-State Spanish centres must be approved or recognized and produce full legal effects on the date of filing of the application.

d) not having thirty years old the day of publication of the announcement.

e) knowledge of English and/or French.

f) specific knowledge related to the areas of knowledge listed in article 1 of this order.

g) management-level user of computer treatment of text, spreadsheet and presentation programs.

1. Requests, in the model to be included in the corresponding call, shall be addressed to the Minister of agriculture, food and environment and will be presented in the General registry of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment, or in any of the places envisaged in article 38.4 of law 30/1992, of 26 November, legal regime of public administrations and common administrative procedure.

2. Submission via telematics applications, pursuant to law 11/2007, of 22 June, electronic access by citizens to public services is also accepted.

3. The deadline for submission of applications shall be ten working days from the day following that of publication of the corresponding call.

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