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Fellowships to the Mapfre Foundation study

The Mapfre Foundation conducts an annual convocation of scholarships aimed at facilitating access to training activities provided by the Insurance Institute of Sciences.

fellowships will have a variable amount, accommodated to each particular case. Academic record both the economic and professional situation of the person concerned shall be assessed for its granting.

studies that are included in the present call and start dates are:

postgraduate education

master in management and technique of insurance (e-learning), (October)

master in insurance and risk management (blended learning), (October)


courses of specialization in insurance (2 calls per year)(: February and October)

introduction to the

the contract of insurance

management of the insurance of the car

insurance Multirriesgos

insurance life insurance, health and Welfare Social

the insurance of bail

the insurance of credit

El insurance liability Civil


accounting entities insurance

management of risk and insurance company

management of human resources in company of insurance

address strategic of entities of insurance

management technique Pericial of claims damage materials

foundations technicians of the insurance

insurance of damages and provision of services

Marketing of insurance

introduction to Solvency II

specialization course advanced insurance (annual 1 call)(, February)

specialization course advanced in life insurance, health and Social Welfare (blended learning)

requirements, bases and deadlines please refer to the links on each of the programmes.