Fellowships for Master’s degree in electricity Sector

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Master’s degree in electrical Sector of the Comillas Pontifical University introduces students to the technical and economic aspects of this new environment. Starting with a basic training in engineering or, with an additional effort, in other disciplines, the Master student will know in depth economic fundamentals, regulatory and technology of new business areas as they are used in companies and institutions in the sector, and it will acquire a direct experience of your application through a protected personal work – the work end of Master – in one of these institutions, companies or in the Institute of technological research (IIT) of our University.

this title is also part of the International Master in economy and management of industries network (EMIN), coordinated by quotes from the academic year 2006-07 with the participation of other European universities such as the Cátedra Jean Monnet of the University Paris Sud 11 (France) and the Technical University of Delft (the Netherlands) that provide a global perspectivetransnational and from different industrial sectors on the regulation and management of network systems. The historical experience and structure of European States in regulation and management of this sector brings rich to the contents of the program that also benefits the international origin of its students and teachers both in Europe and other third countries (United States, Canada, China, Latin America, Middle East, Asia…).

in 2010, the European Commission has again granted recognition Erasmus worlds to this programme, whose consortium has been expanded with other prestigious centres such as the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), Johns Hopkins University (United States), the University of Texas at Austin (United States), the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (United States) and the Harbin Institute of technology (China). There is an Erasmus Mundus scholarship programme both for teachers and for students (European and non-EU countries) by a value close to 1 million euros.

total: 14.100 EUR. There are scholarships associated with practices in corporate sponsors of the masters. The amount of these grants is determined by each company (typically between 3,000 and 6,000 euros for a period of practices that can spread throughout the year depending on the availability of the student and the needs of the sponsoring company. Master lasts from September 2013 to July 2014 (480 hours of instruction over the realization of work order of Master and internship).

Erasmus Mundus international version required to complete two academic courses distributed in 4 semesters, which can be placed in the different participating universities.

master is aimed at engineers and graduates in other disciplines (economic, physical, chemical, etc.) who wish to become involved in the electric power sector. The master is also aimed at professionals active which may reconcile their usual activity with follow-up courses.

to access the master need to meet the following requirements:

be in possession or justify next obtain a degree of Bachelor, engineer or architect, or their equivalents overseas. While the Master is open to all kinds of graduates, will be considered a positive element having training in engineering.
 Have a good academic record.
Prove a sufficient English knowledge to follow classes and properly handle the documentation.
Positively plus work experience, references and the motivation of the candidates.

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