Excellentia scholarship program

Scholarships Excellentia the Foundation youth and sport for Extremadura in school-age athletes and Extremadura University athletes who stand out for their sporting results achieved during the sports season 2012 / 2013 and by their academic performance during the academic year 2012 / 2013.

grants are intended to distinguish athletes who perform with greater brilliance their participation in those competitions involving, on the basis of the successful sports result and retrieved academic record; reward merits based sports effort and academic work through an allocation in kind for the athletes in school or economic age for university students.

the deadline for submission of applications ends on October 25, 2013.

La young Foundation and sport carries out actions that encourage the people of Extremadura at a sporting level highlighted, taking into account aspects related to the education of our future athletes and summon these scholarships which are part of the Excellentia scholarship program.

on the one hand summon the PAIDEIA scholarships (the school athlete support) for school-age athletes who combine their training with the career, and whose call includes athletes with functional diversity in educational stage that belong both to ordinary centres and special education centres, assuming a breakthrough in the Elimination of differences to this group.

on the other hand are called the NIKE scholarships (help the University athlete) for college athletes who wish to combine his career with already started College.

finally also summon the MARATHON scholarship (helping the retired athlete) for already retired athletes who in their day to be elite athletes could not begin college studies, and now decide to resume their education and start university studies, or started them in previous annuities and continue with the cited studies.