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Excellence grant Juan Miguel Villar Mir

The Chair University Juan Miguel Villar Mir's organization and direction of company of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Fundación Juan Miguel Villar Mir opened the period for submission of applications for a grant to an engineer of roads, canals and ports Spanish, destined to take a master's course on Business Administration (MBA) in one of the universities or most prestigious postgraduate centres of the United States of America.

candidates must have Spanish nationality and having obtained the title of engineer of roads, canals and ports at a Spanish University within the five calendar years preceding the date of publication of this call for proposals. Also, those who are in the final year of the degree at the date of publication of this call may also apply for the scholarship but before starting your enjoyment will need to have obtained the mentioned title. Applicants will have to have the acceptance of the foreign schools where they intend to study, and have passed the examinations or requirements that require to be able to enroll. In any case, shall register the domain of language English. 

grants will be awarded by two full school years. Exceptionally they may be extended by new application, with the presentation of a detailed report of the activity and merits credited during the stay abroad and a detailed explanation of the purpose and reasons for the extension of the grant.  

the endowment of scholarships includes:

to) a total endowment of 24,000 euros for each of the two school years, i.e. a total of 48,000 euros, to be paid in eight quarterly payments equal of 6,000 euros each. This amount is intended to cover the needs of accommodation, food and travel of fellows.

b) the full amount of tuition for MBA at University or centre graduate selected to including, if so required by the University or Postgraduate Centre, health insurance and accidents for the fellow. 

scholarships are granted for study abroad, so they are incompatible with any other scholarship, income or financial assistance or labor activity of the scholarship during the school years referred to in the grant. If any of the above circumstances occur, the beneficiary is obliged to immediately communicate this to the Foundation, which may take the decision which it deems appropriate, including the repayment of the sums received by the scholarship.


1.-application addressed to the Cátedra Fundación Juan Miguel Villar (School of engineers of roads, C. and p. - Professor Aranguren, s/n - 28040 Madrid).

2.-photocopy of the document national of identity

3.-academic certification of qualifications obtained in the studies. Recipients of the scholarships shall provide the official certificate for his appointment. 

4.-Curriculum vitae in a maximum of three folio.

5-a written in a maximum of five pages which described students intending to pursue and their motivations, as well as the reasons for the choice of the Center or centers selected.

6-two letters from professors or professionals who have been academic or professional relationships. These letters must be sent directly to the Chair, with mention in the envelope: "Para scholarships Excelencia"

7-documents of acceptance or commitment to acceptance of the foreign Centre where it is intended to study. "

8-proof of knowledge of the English language. 

the deadline for submission of applications ends on May 17, 2013.