Europe 2015 scholarships

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Europe scholarship program is an initiative promoted by Banco Santander and the Francisco de Vitoria University to enhance the talent, reward excellence and support the creation of networks of leadership. Therefore, select the 50 best pre-university students to share with them the experience of a 20-day trip around Europe, visiting major universities and participating in a program of conferences, meetings with personalities of first level in the academic, political and cultural world and participating in cultural activities and leisure.

the program grants Europe takes place in different venues: Alcalá de Henares, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Bologna, Rome, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Brussels, Paris, Heidelberg and Madrid.

during the first three weeks of July scholars will discover first-hand the origin of the University, the importance of their commitment to the society, the determination of their professional ethics, the need for its integrity as a future leading professionals, in addition to deepening in Europe as a continent. To do so, they will participate in lectures, discussion groups, meetings with personalities, cultural activities and training in skills, among other activities.

Fellows participate in a program of lectures given by University Chancellors and excellent academics from various universities. The contents are focused on analysis and deepening in the attitude of the real University and its mission, the origin of the University, integral formation, synthesis of knowledge and truth-seeking.

a objective of the program is the awareness to the fellows on the importance to know and enjoy the talents of great artists from the field of music, architecture, art, gastronomy, etc. Through visits to places such as the Sistine Chapel, the Royal College of Spain in Bologna, the high Chamber of the Parliament of the United Kingdom or the Teatro Real of Madrid deepens in the European culture from all areas.

throughout the development of the program, the Fellows made visits to different institutions, both public and private. In such visits through the facilities and talk with different personalities that develop their professional activity in the institution. Visits to places such as the European Parliament, the Congress of Deputies, the offices of the BBC in London and the EMBL in Heidelberg give a perspective to scholars about your possible future professional.

during the past editions, scholarships Europe has had a variety of speakers and meetings with personalities in the institutions who visits. Since the Pope Benedicto XVI, England’s first lady, Cherie Blair or the general director of the Teatro Real of Madrid, Ignacio García-Belenguer, putting the finishing touch to each edition a meeting with SS.Mm. D. Felipe and Mrs. Letizia, Kings of Spain.

all the training and information they receive the scholarship during the program gets in common in the working groups. The working groups consist of ten students and a trainer. Trainers are professionals with specific training in the area of Humanities, whose mission is to accompany the fellows throughout their college adventure, as well as guide and accompany the course of the debate and conversations that occur in the environment of the trip

in each city, students participate in the cultural life of the place: opera, musical theatre, a recital of poetry, a video forum or a gastronomic workshop are encounters with creativity, beauty, and the way of seeing the world of each city.

leisure activities constitute a relevant part of the program that facilitates cultural immersion in the cities visited: rowing in Oxford, an urban gymkhana in Heidelberg, enjoy the Ferrari F1 simulator or tourist visits to the most representative European places encourage interaction among all members of the team.

in this 11th edition of the Europe scholarship students who are studying 1 St high school have the opportunity to present their candidacy until January 22, 2015.

phases of selection

I phase

17 November 2014: opening of call.

22 January 2015: call closure.

II phase

26 February 2015: publication of list of 800 applicants selected.

April 2015: face-to-face interviews.

III phase

may 2015: publication of the list of 500 selected applicants.

June 2015: presentation of audiovisual mounting opening.

IV phase

September 2015: list of 300 applicants selected.

2016: weekend (FdS) selection on the campus of UFV.

July 2016: Europe scholarship program. selected 50.

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