Erasmus University Pontificia of Salamanca

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Pontifical University of Salamanca has opened the period so that students submit applications to enjoy an Erasmus scholarship of international exchange for the next academic year 2013-2014.

in total, the private academic institution offer 183 seats of European mobility for their students face next year.

Center which has more available seats is the Faculty of communication, with 71, spread over nine countries: 16 in Italy, many others in Portugal, 12 in Belgium, 8 in France, 7 in Germany, 4 in Finland and in United Kingdom and 2 in the Czech Republic and the same in Switzerland.

the Faculty of philology and theology will be next year with a maximum of 25 students Erasmus, who may choose between the 13 squares in German universities; 4 of the United Kingdom; Belgium 3; two in France and one in Portugal, Poland and Ireland.

psychology offer 20 Erasmus scholarships: 6 in Portugal, 5 in Italy, two in Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom and France, and one in the Netherlands.

the Faculty of education has 18 seats: 8 in Portugal, 4 in Italy and 2 in the United Kingdom, Finland and France.

for its part, the Faculty of computer science offers students 17 squares for the next academic year, to be shared between 5 in Portugal, 3 in Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and Slovenia 2 and 1 in France, Germany and Italy.

teacher training and physical education counted 16 vacancies: 4 in Italy and Portugal and 2 in Finland, United Kingdom, Netherlands and France.

will be 14 in the titling of speech therapy: 6 in Netherlands, 4 in Belgium and 4 in Portugal.

and, finally, two seats more in the Faculty of Health Sciences, to enjoy at the University of Lisbon, in Portugal.

students interested can submit their applications until January 25 next year, on schedule from 11 to 14 hours in the international relations service of the academic institution, at their headquarters in the street company.

effective on January 29, 2013 languages tests will take place. There will be tests of English, French and German, but they will not be Portuguese or Italian (with the exception of the Padova destination for psychology). The student must enroll in and make the income of EUR 25 for the examination of language. The student that has delivered the Erasmus application but has not made the necessary procedures for registration of language test may not perform the examination and will be not taken into account for the destinations.

the selection will be made by calculating the average between the score obtained in the test of language and the academic record of the student. The student may not have more than 3 pending subjects (except for computing), including notes of January 2013 (if the General Secretariat have them). Preference is given to students who have no more than 1 asignatura suspensa and which recorded a note average minimum of 6.

El 18 de febrero of 2013 will be published the list of selected students, who will have until the 22nd of the same month to confirm your place. Where they remain vacant, students remaining in the reserve must confirm his place between the 25th and February 27, 2013.

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