Erasmus University of Zaragoza

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Erasmus provides support to a wide range of activities aimed at improving European cooperation in the field of higher education, contributing to increasing the quality of human resources in all participating countries. Emphasis on the mobility of students, teachers as well as in a number of activities to improve curricula and to develop new and innovative studies through transnational cooperation. The financing of these activities is granted within the framework of an institutional contract for each University participant, renewable annually.

the aim of the mobility of students is to establish cooperation between the universities to facilitate students study periods recognized in associated centres in other countries, in order to expand their knowledge about the cultures of other countries and their academic fields of study and to focus on their studies from an additional perspective of different traditions to those of their countries of origin.

these exchanges consist of carrying out a period of study abroad with a duration of three to twelve months. The University of Zaragoza guarantees academic recognition of credits obtained abroad.

the registration fee is paid at the University of Zaragoza and applies a total exemption from the payment of tuition fees at the host University. It is possible to opt for a supplementary financial aid to offset the difference in the standard of living between our country and the destination.

the deadline for submission of applications to participate in the Erasmus programme for the academic year 2013-2014 is 4 February 22, 2013. The online application must be on this link.

can join the Erasmus programme students of degree, degrees, diplomas, engineering, master and doctorate wishing to conduct official studies at European universities during the course 2013‐2014 in the framework of the Erasmus sub-programme. In the case of mobility at master’s, application will be conditioned to the subsequent admission of the applicant in the master that you want to pursue. If after the deadline for the award of places of mobility were observed that for this type of studies remain vacant, responsible for the title will open a specific period, in the second week of November, for students enrolled in master’s programmes that had not previously made an application for mobility.

minimum requirements that students must meet are as follows:

nationals of a country participating in the programme of permanent learning (PAP) or third countries, in which case must demonstrate that it is in possession of a valid permit to reside in Spain during the period of mobility.
For degree, degree, diploma courses and engineering students have passed 60 credits in official studies corresponding to the official degree who are studying at the time of the request.
Be enrolled in the year 2012-2013, in the University of Zaragoza in official studies that allow to obtain a recognized university degree.
2013 ‐2014 At the University of Zaragoza, be enrolled in the course at the time of initiating mobility.
Not having enjoyed an Erasmus grant for studies before.

students who have been selected and for justified reasons wish to renounce the awarded square must submit such waiver in the terms and conditions established in the University where they are enrolled. If the waiver is carried out outside the term and established procedure, the student cannot participate to the following academic year in call for Erasmus mobility.

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