Endesa for fine arts scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Endesa Foundation and the Diputación de Teruel make public the convening of the thirteenth edition of scholarships Endesa for fine arts with the purpose of fostering artistic creativity in their various fields.

Las Endesa scholarships will be awarded to four artists selected by a qualified jury that will assess applications in the Museum of Teruel.

the duration of the fellowships will be two years with an Endowment for each of 22,000 euros. 

be eligible for these scholarships all the artists Spanish or resident in Spain, no age limit. Candidates must submit a dossier, on CD, DVD or USB memory with the following documents:

application card, with personal data and contact address.
Photocopy of ID or passport.
Abbreviated vitae of applicant resume, where indicated studies and activities (exhibitions, awards, other scholarships, bibliographical and critical reviews, etc.), as well as personal data and contact address.
Photographic documentation of the works of the artist requesting, consisting of at least eight images that accurately reflect the characteristics of the works. A fact sheet of each one of them with the technique used, dimensions and date of completion will also be included. You can attach other graphic materials (brochures, videos, etc.) of the activity carried out in recent years that complete information, always in support, CD, DVD or USB memory stick. The documents shall be compatible for PC: images in JPG, bmp or pdf; videos in Mpeg-4 or DivX, processing of text in pdf files.
Proposed exhibition to be in the Museum of Teruel, where necessary aspects, with an explanatory memorandum of the artistic work (no more than two pages), detailing drawings, sketches and all the informational material to facilitate the understanding of the project. You can consult the drawings and photographs of the exhibition halls of the Museum of Teruel in the following link.

not be accepted the submission of original works, dossiers in paper or other similar documentation (catalogues, etc.) They be sent in this way will be returned to sender freight collect, unless the organizers assume no responsibility on their conservation.

requests should be sent, together with the documentation reviewed, until June 15, 2013, to Museum of Teruel. Endesa for fine arts scholarships. PL. Fray Anselmo Polanco, 3. 44001 Teruel.

the jury will consist of renowned experts in the field of Visual Arts. It will be made public at the time of issuing the decision.

the judgment will be announced by September 30, 2013. The decision shall be final.

the first two selected artists will be an exhibition in the Museum of Teruel in 2014 and in 2015 following two.

each artist will yield four works of those made for the exhibition, which will be part of the stable collections of the section of contemporary art of the Museum of Teruel, as property of the Diputación de Teruel (three plays), and the artistic background of the Endesa Foundation (a work).

the costs of production of works for the exhibition in the Museum of Teruel as well as selected passing part of the funds shall be borne by each fellow.

the jury, to give its judgment, will appoint a Committee from among its members to monitor the work of fellows, as well as the choice of works that must be ceded to the issuing entities.

acceptance of the scholarship and the reception of its economic amount entails the transfer of the rights of communication to the public of selected works that are part of exhibitions organized by the Museum of Teruel or the Endesa Foundation with character permanent, temporary or traveling, including its display on the Internet.

also means assigned, the reproduction right of works in catalogues, web pages, or any other publication in any support included Internet always with cultural and educational purpose or promotion of the scholarships. This assignment is established on a basis of non-exclusivity.

grants will be personal and indivisible. They will also be incompatible with any other scholarship or similar aid granted to the applicant, if there is temporal coincidence between them.

during the enjoyment of scholarship (October 2013 – September 2015) artists undertake to mention in his curriculum vitae, exhibitions or demonstrations, who enjoy the Endesa scholarship for plastic arts, convened by the Endesa Foundation and the Diputación de Teruel.

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