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Eight scholarships for university graduates INAP

Resolution of 7 November 2012, of the National Institute of public administration, by which summon fellowship training and research for graduates College.

between the functions conferred on the National Institute of public administration (INAP) figure the promote the research, training, dissemination of experiences and the conduct of studies and publications on matters related to public administrations.

to adequately fulfill this function, with the aim of contributing to the promotion and development of studies and research, as well as training professionals on topics related to the action lines of the INAP, and given that there have been several casualties, either due to the end of its duration in the squares of past examination papers or voluntary resignations of beneficiarieseight training scholarships aimed at university graduates in the context of this process of renewal of a project begun earlier is considered timely.

by virtue of the provisions in the law 38/2003 of 17 November, General of grants in its regulation of development, approved by Royal Decree 887/2006, of July 21, and the order TAP/1489/2011, 20 of may, approving the regulatory bases for grants by the National Institute of public administration in the field of training and research

this address has resolved eight scholarships for university graduates, six of them for graduates of the branch of social sciences and law, and two for graduates in the areas of librarianship and documentation, in the following terms:

this resolution aims to convene, in competitive concurrence scheme and in accordance with the principles of objectivity and advertisingsix scholarships for graduates in the branch of social sciences and law, and two aimed at graduates University in the areas of librarianship and documentation, to form and carry out support tasks relating to the main lines of research in the INAP.

six scholarships for Graduate University in the field of social and legal sciences are divided into the following profiles and areas of research in public administration and that fit with the objectives defined in the Strategic Plan of the INAP for the years 2012-2015:

to) social innovation (1 grant).

b) formative innovation (1 grant).

c) and management people (2 fellowships).

d) administrative innovation (1 grant).

e) territorial studies (1 Fellowship).

candidates are only eligible for one of these profiles.

the amount of the scholarship amounts to 124.800,00 euros and funded from the budgetary application 15.102. 921O. 480 of the INAP for the financial year 2013. The extension will be booking there is sufficient and appropriate funding in the budgets of the relevant years.

the individual amount of the scholarship will be 1.300,00 euros per month. They be paid by monthly overdue payments and all payments shall be the corresponding withholding personal income tax and Social security contributions.

may be the grant beneficiary any person of Spanish or national citizenship of any Member State of the European Union who has obtained the Bachelor's degree (in accordance with Royal Decree 1393 / 2007 of 29 October, which establishes the planning of official university studies) or Bachelor's((, depending on the plaza seeking:

a) in the areas of librarianship and documentation, or

b) in the fields of political science, sociology, public administration, law, public administration or human resources.

such a degree must have been obtained in the academic year 2007-2008 or later, in Spanish or foreign universities, in the latter case when you have obtained the homologation of his title for final resolution.

to obtain the status of beneficiary, applicants may not incur in any of the causes of disqualification provided for in article 13.2 of the of the law 38/2003 of 17 November, General grants, and must be informed in compliance with its tax obligations and against Social Security.

may not be beneficiary who has enjoyed a scholarship called by the INAP previously. In addition, you can suffer any disease or physical or mental limitation that hinders him for the fulfilment of its obligations as an intern.

the maximum period of enjoyment of the scholarships will be for one year, extendable for another year. The granting of extensions shall be subject to budget availabilities.