Economico-educativa ETEA help

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

ETEA has a program of aid whose goal is that no student runs out of study in the institution because they lack the economic means to do so, provided that the request is justified.

these AIDS are compatible with any other public or private assistance that you could qualify.

referred to two types of help:

Scholarship: the granted amount is repayable.
Loan: the student will return the amount or amounts granted during the period of studies performed at our Center, once the degree and without any charge of interests, reaching an agreement with the Centre for the callback procedure.

for students entering 1st degree course will have grant (amount repayable) mode.

Economico-educativa aid grant is performed according to the net income of the household, getting using this information the basic economic module. This module is determined, in General, by deducting the tax base share liquid of la Declaration of the tax from the income of las Personas Físicas, between the number of members of the family of the applicant. Served, therefore, to lower income families.

such aid amounts are shown below:

type of aid amount


B 75%

C 60%

D 49%

E 38%

F 30%

G 25%

H 21%

I 17%

J 12%

the amount is expressed as a percentage on the total amount of tuition fees to be paid at ETEA.

from the basic economic module (SEM) obtained in the previous item, and in response to the personal circumstances of each applicant, determines the fixed economic module (MEC) according to the criteria described below:

address: students with family home outside the municipality of Córdoba is multiplied by 0.9 the MEB.

source of income:

students in whose household income from pension or work self-employed is multiplied by 0.9 the MEB.

students in whose household incomes from agricultural, and business activities is multiplied by 1.2 the MEB.

students in whose household income from capital gains, is multiplied by 1.1 the MEB.

the help Economico-educativa ETEA you will be rejected if in the last academic year studied in ETEA you suspendes more than 20% of the loans in which you were enrolled.

the request you have presented, duly completed, in the Secretariat of the Centre (ground floor, building I) and get it by clicking here. The deadline is October 11.

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