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Document management and archiving in the Constitutional Court grants

The Constitutional Court convenes two fellowships for theoretical and practical training activities related to the document management and archival of your documentary.

grants have a duration of one year and can be extended by twelve months more. They have a staff of 1,100 euros gross per month.

to apply for these scholarships must meet the following requirements:

to) be in possession of a university degree, degree College or a degree from another country attesting an equivalent training.

b) have completed studies to obtain the University degree after January 1, 2009.

c) be free from disease or physical defect that impede the effective realization of the practice or have been separated, through disciplinary record, the service of the State or any public entity.

also be taken into account when selecting the candidates:

to) have a good academic record.

b) specific document management and archival training: courses postgraduate, specialization, etc.

c) experience in documentary and archival management, developed mainly in public institutions through contractual relationship, collaboration or other similar ones. Leading curricular practices except for these purposes to obtain an official academic degree.

d) computer skills: systems of databases relational and documentary applications. Knowledge and experience in the use of document management and procedures modelling and analysis programs will be assessed in particular. The following documents shall be attached

to the signed instance:

a) photocopy of the national identity document or passport.

b) full copy of the academic record with all the qualifications, without prejudice to the subsequent contribution of your certificate in terms of the basis 6.3.

c) Curriculum vitae expressive of:

- academic qualifications, indicating the date of initiation and completion of studies, as well as the date of issue of the title, obtained relevant qualifications related to scholarships and the qualification average in base ten, in accordance with article 5 of the Royal Decree 1125 / 2003, 5 September, which establishes the European credit system and the system of qualifications in the degrees of official and valid throughout the national territory («Official Gazette» on September 18, 2003).

- received or courses taught in specific subjects of the call object.

- publications.

- work, professional or volunteer experience.

- Any other merit strictly related to the grant and that it may be of interest in the opinion of the applicant.

d) documentary justification of the merits and activities reviewed, using simple copy, without prejudice to the subsequent provision of certificates in accordance with 6.3 base.

the deadline for submission of entries will be one month from the day following the publication of this agreement in the official bulletin of the State.