Dipu tee program scholarship 2015

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The provincial Council of Valencia convenes a year more scholarships them for students of the province of Valencia, 18, during the months of July and August “La Dipu te Beca”. ”

the aim of this call is the award of grants to municipalities and local entities under the province of Valencia, which explicitly adhere to the programme for training internships for students in municipalities and local entities under the province of Valencia. The purpose of this grant is to partially finance the cost of the provision of scholarships of educational practices for students in those fields of beneficial interest for the municipality or local entity minor.

the maximum duration of the fellowships will be 2 months and they must necessarily cover the months of July and August. Nevertheless, municipalities and small local entities may award scholarships for less and if necessary renew them, provided that altogether not exceed above within two months and provided that the minimum duration is 15 days.

dedication of the recipients of the scholarship will be a minimum of 20 hours per week, which must be carried out according to the instructions of the guardian, and must indicate in the corresponding rules of City Council if it decides a greater number of hours of dedication.  A within 20 calendar days of accession opens the program by local councils (until May 14, 2015). Subsequently opens delivery of applications from students in the municipalities, which in no case may exceed 10 June.

requirements are:

Podran to be beneficiaries of these grants municipalities and local entities under the province of Valencia. Own administrative neighbourhood in any municipality in the province of Valencia. Be 18 years of age. Be studying one of the following official teachings: vocational training, corresponding to the families listed in annex II or official university teaching of degree, diploma or degree, or equivalent in accordance with the current regulations, higher artistic education or master’s degree given by the universities.

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