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Creanavarra creates scholarship

Creanavarra Centro Superior de Diseño has called the first edition of the Creanavarra creates scholarships, so that young people with great creative potential can study a career that offers this, to choose fashion design, Interior, graphic and product and design and creation of video games.

grants are open to foreign and Spanish nationals aged between 17 and 25, which must be original and unpublished, not awarded in previous competitions and projects created exclusively for this edition of scholarships. They can also choose students expected to enroll in first year of some races that taught Creanavarra, as well as students who are currently pursuing a second or third. All scholarships have an endowment of € 1,000.

thus, the theme of the Creanavarra creates scholarships revolves around "In positive," because you can become what you want to be. Projects must be submitted in a printed dossier DinA4 bound with plastic caps, a digital copy in PDF and the original file formats, either in person at the Center or through regular mail will also be. The deadline on 19 August at 1300 hours.