Course training in applied Social Research and data analysis

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Graduate School of training of specialists in applied Social Research and data analysis of CIS is a specialization course in techniques of social research, with an emphasis on the research design and data analysis.

the course aims to contribute to the training of university graduates in social research techniques, giving special importance to the collection of data and the analysis, interpretation and presentation of them, all with essentially practical guidance. To do so, 24 squares which will be awarded by the selection of candidates who meet the requirements set out in this call for proposals are offered.

the total amount of tuition will be 2,000 euros, that will be credited as follows: 300 euros before October 15, 2012 and 1,700 euros between 7 and 12.

the CIS be granted two scholarships for the total value of the academic year and six partial scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded according to the academic merits of the candidate, the suitability of their profile and their professional situation. Students who obtain a partial scholarships will perform a first payment of 200 euros and a second payment of 800 euros in planned for the rest of the students the date and form. The enjoyment of the scholarships shall entail the obligation of compliance with the requirements set out in the seventh base for obtaining the diploma.

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