Course graduate management by projects in public areas

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The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (GS/OAS) and the Centre for development and technical assistance in technology for the public organization (Asociación Civil) – TOP offer scholarships to qualified candidates from the Americas to enrich their professional development.

course graduate management by projects in public areas is intended to provide public administrators who must perform functions of political leadership and that should do the same with managerial functions, a set of knowledge and skills that allow:

a) identify initiatives to be managed by projects,

b) formulate(((, evaluate, negotiate and present projects in areas public private

c) bring forward projects for decision-making,

d) organize teams for the implementation of projects and

e) accountability for projects.


managers, executives and managers of units in agencies that should be part of projects, either providing collaboration, monitoring them or by them.
Those who have to work on projects or relate to projects in their work.
Those who have to make initiatives in terms of projects
Consultants who work for projects
Researchers and teachers who must work for projects.
Responsible for NGOs and other private programmes for society.

the course is promoted and managed by the National University of the littoral and the Centre for development and technical assistance in technology for the public organization – TOP, (Asociación Civil).

requirements to participate
To opt for the post-graduate course certificate is prerequisite to have University Bachelor’s degree (e.g. Bachelor, accountant, architect, engineer, etc)

to opt for the approval of the participation certificate is not required college degree, the only requirement being the approval of the compulsory practical work.

the assessment of the application for admission is carried out by the selection Committee, which takes into account the information registered in the application form and curriculum vitae (resume) of the candidates.

for the processing of the certificate before the academic bodies of the University, must be sent by certified mail authenticated photocopy of the professional qualification, photography and photocopy of the national identity document or passport.

dates, duration and time of dedication required weekly

date end application: 10 September 2012

date for registration purpose: 17 September 2012

calendar of the course: 17 September to 10 December 2012

duration: 12 weeks (three months)

weekly dedication time required: between 8 and 10 am Sem.


certification of participation: $370

certification of graduate course: $ 440

costs include:

training materials are delivered through the Virtual Campus.
Unrestricted use of the virtual Campus, permanent communication with teachers, communication resources with other students and access to consultation and assistance.
Authorization for the use of tools and methodologies provided (valid for courses that include them).

scholarships for courses of the training TOP

the programme has a limited number of partial scholarships consist of a reduction in the cost of tuition for the course and total scholarships in special cases.

partial scholarships: type: reduction of 50% of the course. Type B: reduction of 30% of the cost of the course.

grants full: a full scholarship for the course in special cases that met exceptionally the following circumstances duly documented by the applicant shall be granted: possibility of applying the knowledge and instruments obtained in watercourses to fulfil tasks; possibility of transfer to third parties through labour and academic activities, application in academic works, such as thesis papers or others; academic and/or occupational background related to the theme of governance, difficult to deal with the cost of tuition for the course.

scholarship seekers can formalize your request on the same registration form, filling the data there are. The presentation of a letter from your employer or academic institution will be a favourable judgment to which it belongs, in that it is stating the extent and conditions in which the applicant is framed in the grounds for the granting of scholarships listed above.

Fellowship applications will be evaluated by a Scholarship Committee, which shall draw up the order of precedence whereby scholarships available will be assigned.

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