Contaminants research scholarship and psychotropic substances

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Call for a scholarship of training and research for the “Determinación of psychotropic, narcotic substances and contaminantes”. ” The fundamental objectives are based on the development and validation of techniques and analysis accurate to verify compliance with the provisions of relevant laws applicable to samples from seizures by local police in Madrid regarding the determination of substance use and abuse more common psychotropic, developing new methods recommended for the analysis of psychotropic substances by the Organization of United Nations (UN).

in particular, the objectives are the following: scouring for rapid analytical techniques and identification by chromatography of different psychotropic substances in most common use in samples that can be impounded by local police in Madrid. Analytical techniques should be structured in line with the standard of analytical quality ISO 17.025, following the guidelines of the public health laboratory accredited by that standard.

the purpose is the update of test methods for the determination of:

– detection of toxic substances psychoactive.

– identification of psychotropic substances in seizures or small loads, from agents of citizen security, using techniques recommended by the UN and gas chromatography.

to be eligible for this scholarship is necessary to have the title of degree, graduate, engineer or Doctor in any of the following qualifications:

– pharmacy.
– chemical

– other specialties in science.

the duration of the scholarship will be for twelve consecutive months, starting from the granting of the same, with planned date of January 1, 2014. Work will take place in the facilities of the laboratory of public health, located in the street emigrants, 20, Madrid, scholar being obliged to respect cited laboratory work hours, as well as standards of control for all staff.

requests will be formalised in printed, according to official form containing the health registry of Madrid, calle Juan Esplandiú, 13 floor, Madrid. Also this application will be available at the Internet address: The writing will be directed to the Manager of Madrid health care, accompanying documentation listed:

a) photocopy of the national identity document or equivalent according to the country of origin.

b) detailed academic certification showing the grades obtained and the same dates.

c) Curriculum vitae, with explicit declaration of publications and copies thereof, as well as accreditation of training and experience mentioned above.

d) memory of the project of research that aims to make for the duration of the scholarship, which will be clearly specified the objectives, work plan and methodology to be used. A maximum of 5 typed pages will be used.

e) statement responsible for the applicant that meets the requirements set out in article 13 of the General Law of subsidies.

f) supporting documents to be informed in compliance with tax obligations and Social Security, using certificates issued by the Ministry of economy and finance (Revenue Agency) and the Treasury of the Social Security. The managing body, check also that is current in the fulfillment of tax obligations with the Madrid City Council and is not debtor for repayment to the Treasury. All documentation must be produced legibly, in original and copy for registration and certification.

delivery of applications will be seven calendar days counting from the following its publication in the official newsletter of the city of Madrid.

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