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Complementary Erasmus grants

This order is intended to convene 194 grants complementary to the European program Erasmus and other programs of international mobility for the academic year 2013 / 2014, in accordance with Decree 188/2008, September 23, the Government of Aragón is establishing the regulatory basis for subsidies in research, the information society and higher education, in the wording given by the Decree 211/2009 of December 1, the Government of Aragon.

however, a higher number of scholarships provided for in the preceding paragraph of this section may be granted when permitted by budgetary availabilities in the eighth paragraph of this order.

Podran to be recipients of these scholarships students enrolled in the University of Zaragoza or the private University San Jorge in any of the teachings leading to the obtaining of official degrees with validity throughout the national territory, which are beneficiaries of the economic aid relative to the mobility program Erasmus for university studies in other countries during the academic year 2013 / 2014that they have their administrative neighbourhood in any of the municipalities of Aragon, meet the basic requirements of income and academic record provided for in point 5 of this section and are selected in accordance with the fourth and following sections of the present order.

also be recipients of these scholarships students who fulfilling the conditions laid down in the preceding paragraph, other non-beneficiaries of the economic aid concerning the Erasmus mobility programme, but are recipients of aid under agreements signed under the aegis of international mobility programmes, provided that the country of destination is included in the related in annex IV of the present call.

the enjoyment of a complementary to aid mobility scholarship of the Government of Aragon may be declared incompatible with the perception of, any other scholarship or aid granted by any entity, public or private, has as its end the same eligible activities financing. This incompatibility shall not apply to general aid for the European Erasmus programme or for the rest of the mobility programmes provided in this call, nor the resources that each of the universities, within its sphere of competence, obtain or intended for general or linear program funding. For this purpose the assessment Committee shall seek information concerning subsidies and procedures that converge in the financing of stays abroad of students mobility, linking and referencing that, in application of this standard, are incompatible. In the case of aid that are compatible, the assessment Committee may establish that the concurrence of such aid with the regulated in this chapter does not exceed a certain limit.

mean administrative neighbourhood the usual address, which will be credited through the contribution of the documents mentioned in the ninth paragraph of the present order.

to access the assessment phase, applicants must meet the following conditions:

to) the income of the family unit, obtained in accordance with the fifth paragraph, not to exceed the following thresholds:

(*) from the ninth Member will be added 7.450,00 euros for each new Member of computable.

b) that academic performance, calculated in accordance with the provisions in the seventh paragraph of this order, is not less than 5.

c) in the academic year whose ratings baremen have at least three subjects passed. The minimum number of subjects passed shall not apply to doctoral studies.

may not obtain the status of beneficiary who are in any of the causes of prohibition provided for in the applicable legislation on subsidies and are implementing subjects defined in points 1 and 2 as beneficiaries.

for status of beneficiary, exonerates with seekers of this duty to aid credit requirement be abreast of tax obligations and in front of the Social Security, in accordance with section 3.4 of the Decree 188/2008, of September 23, the Government of Aragon.

the deadline for submission will be 20 working days counting from the day following the publication of the present call for proposals in the official bulletin of Aragon.