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Collaboration scholarships for courses of Summer University of Burgos

The University of Burgos convenes seven scholarships of collaboration to carry out various activities in the summer courses at the UBU. The objective of these grants is to provide collaboration of summer courses address and service information and University Extension in those organizational tasks and necessary development for the correct development of the summer courses.

the purpose of these scholarships is to collaborate in the general care of presenters, directors courses and students for the good development of the courses.

the maximum amount of aid to be allocated will be 4,150 euros, being the amount of 6 euros per hour for the scholarship of 5 euros for the rest of the collaboration grants will be paid at the end of the collaboration and coordination.

grants are directed students enrolled in the academic year 2013 / 2014, in any of the official Bachelor's degrees taught at the University of Burgos.

no applicant, except in exceptional cases, may be appointed fellow if it had already been it for period equal to or greater than twenty-four months, in the same fellowship or different scholarships. Similarly, if who proves proposed as scholarship awarded had already enjoyed a period as an intern, the appointment by this call will be for that period which added to the already enjoyed does not exceed the total of 24 months. Also, you can be unnamed fellow according to this RFP that is enjoying another scholarship convened with the purpose to which refers the base third.

the duration of the activity of the scholarship of coordination, which will be the person who will coordinate all the tasks entrusted to the rest of the scholars, will be from July 1 to July 31 in morning and afternoon. The morning hours will be from 9.00 to 14.00 hours and the afternoon will be from 17.00 to 20.30 hours.

the time and duration of the rest of the collaboration grants will be adjusted, depending on the schedule of courses that support is provided. The activity will take place between June 1 and July 31, adapted to the needs in hours of morning and afternoon.

summer courses that support will be provided will be held in Burgos, Aranda de Duero, Miranda de Ebro.

requests must be submitted to the General registry (building management and services, C / D. Juan de Austria, 1) or records assistants of the centres of the University of Burgos until 14:00 hours on June 5, 2014.

for the selection of Fellows will be assessed the following:

record academic Other merits in relation to the scholarship It may take into account, the availability of accommodation make grants to Aranda de Duero and Miranda de Ebro. Interview staff, if it deemed necessary.

requests must be accompanied by the following documentation:

- photocopy of DNI

- Curriculum Vitae

the alleged merits in the curriculum, which must be exclusively, related to the subject of the grant, must be duly substantiated at the time of submission of application. Otherwise, they may not be taken into account by the selection Committee.

work experience is justified with the working life or certificate indicating that the employment contract is fulfilled.