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Citizens of the Invisible faculty 2015 aid

In the past six years University enrolments in Spain have increased by 45%, while the amount of the scholarships has been reduced by more than 21%. European countries with excellent education such as Germany, Denmark and Norway systems, enjoy free registrations; a situation that contrasts with the Spanish reality, where more than 70% of the University must pay his studies without receiving any aid from the State.

this policy of cuts and increase in rates has caused that in recent years (2013-2014) more than 44,000 Spaniards have had to abandon their careers. This setback has especially affected (95%) to public centres, seriously jeopardizing not only the formation of the new generations and the proper use of the talent in our country; but also universal access to education and equal opportunities.

from the Faculty Invisible have launched a project supports civic pioneer. The aim is to raise funds to help those students who, despite being in a precarious socio-economic situation and to have an excellent academic record, do not receive any support from public institutions, or obtain funding are clearly insufficient and too late. These grants will be funded through the generosity of citizens through crowdfunding, a method of collective donation which has already achieved great results in countries such as the United States and England. An interim system to support those students who need it most in the current context of crisis, waiting for the institutions of the State to develop a system of effective and sustainable financing is, however, an emergency mechanism.

this call shall be governed by the rules detailed in the link for more information.

a small sample of the requirements are as follows, although we recommend to read in its entirety in the official announcement.

Podran request such aid students who, at the date of expiry of the deadline for submission of applications, meet the following requirements: possess Spanish nationality or certify the status of resident in Spain, not having this consideration those who are in a situation of temporary stay.

be enrolled in a public University Spanish, lessons conducive to obtaining an official Bachelor's degree, as well as teachings leading to the degrees of Bachelor, engineer, architect, graduate, master, engineer or technical architect. Shall not be eligible for such aid students enrolled in a Master's degree, PhD, specialization or other titles of the universities.

do not possess at the time of help a title of level equal to or greater than the studies for which support is requested.

not found either in the first or in the last year of his university studies.

applicants must also have completed during the 2013-2014 percentages of credits and obtained the grade point average that is specified in the official announcement.

not exceed the following thresholds of income, according to the revenue that has raised the family unit in the year 2013 fiscal year and the criteria set by the Ministry of education, culture and Sport also detailed in the official announcement.

these AIDS are compatible with any other scholarship or aid that could be granted by other public or private entities for the same concept.

requests are formalized by completing the form online which can be found on the website of the aid program and including a letter of motivation (4000 characters with spaces Max.) in which the applicant must explain the reasons why you want to study his career and by those who needed and believed to be worthy of support. The filing of the application implies the total acceptance of the rules of this call.