CIESE-Comillas degree scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

CIESE-Comillas is a center of university higher education managed by the Comillas Foundation and affiliated with the University of Cantabria, where, among other subjects, are taught teachings of undergraduate and graduate in the field of Spanish language and Hispanic culture. CIESE-Comillas aims to provide a quality education that includes not only the purely academic aspects but also all those complementary activities that enhance the learning process.

the Comillas Foundation Announces 17 scholarships for undergraduate at CIESE-Comillas in the academic year 2013-2014. The call will remain until June 28, 2013.

the aim of the scholarship program offered by CIESE-Comillas is to ensure conditions of equality of the right to education and to promote quality of students, so that, regardless of the place of residence, all students can enjoy the same opportunities for access to higher education.

rights and duties of the intern will be set out in this call and will be those of a figure of this nature. They refer to the conditions of enjoyment and responsibilities acquired by the fellow with the acceptance of the scholarship.

the main criterion for the award of scholarships is the note of the academic record of the applicant. Family income level criterion will be valued in a complementary manner. Based on these criteria are established two scholarship modes: mode A is given to academic records with 8 reference values; Mode B is granted to academic records with 7 reference values. Within both categories are distinguished two subtypes: subtype 1 for students with low family income, and subtype 2, for students with average family income or high (according to the baseline figures established on the basis of the public national scholarships from the Ministry of education).

the grant will cover the following concepts, depending on the different types and subtypes:

mode A, covers the following expenses:

A1 (Extra): total cost of tuition + cost UC fees + accommodation assistance *

A1: total cost of tuition + cost rates UC.

A2: Total cost of tuition.

mode B, covers the following expenses:

B1: partial cost (50%) tuition + cost rates UC.

B2: Partial cost (50%) tuition.

there is a form of extraordinary scholarship called A1 (Extra), reserved for students with outstanding academic records and low family income, with a supplementary aid for housing.

applicants should submit completed form of scholarship application that is included as an annex to this call, the deadlines and terms set out in the present call, accompanying supporting documentation of its merits:

student incoming at the University
Photocopy of the national identity card (DNI).
Half of the high school academic record note certificate.
Proof of income family/extended family.
 Student with file transfer
Photocopy of the national identity card (DNI).
Note average of previous studies certificate.
 Proof of income family/extended family.
CIESE-Comillas students
Photocopy of the national identity card (DNI).
Proof of income family/extended family.
CIESE-Comillas requirement, the candidate must provide proof, with original or certified, documents the information that during the selection process which has sent by photocopying or digital files. CIESE-quotes may also request certifications of any data cited in its merits.
They will not be the beneficiaries of any scholarship, financial aid, or any other assignment of a similar nature of institutions and foundations, public or private, for the grant period.
Since grants are intended to help defray the costs of tuition, its amount will only understand the proportion to the credits that the student enrolls. With an academic dedication full time students must register for a minimum of 60 credits. Those students who perform partial tuition (30-59 credits) shall qualify for a proportional amount to the registration.

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