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China ICO Foundation scholarships

For the eleventh consecutive year, the ICO Foundation Announces call for the ICO Foundation programme - scholarships China. The objective of this program is the facilitate to Spanish and foreign professionals resident in Spain an approach to China at linguistic and economic level in order to promote the relations between the two countries.

program consists of one academic year at a University in china; the subjects studied are Chinese mandarin supplemented with economic aspects of the Chinese reality.

will be awarded 25 scholarships to study with a duration of 9 months. They are intended to the study of Chinese mandarin, and through classes that will be taught in Chinese or English, of matters relating to the legal, economic or commercial reality of business in China. The scholarships will enjoy in Peking University, the University of International Business and Economics or the Beijing Normal University.

may be granted extensions to Fellows of the previous call (2012-2013), at the request of interested parties and once valued obtained merit. You will be assigned, as a maximum, forty percent of the scholarships of this call to grant extensions to the previous.  Such extensions shall be governed by these rules except for the program of study, which may include, depending on the adequacy of the profiles, companies and collaborating institutions, unpaid internships and by a limited number of hours during the second semester in a company or Spanish institution with headquarters or interests in China.

for the purpose of granting these extensions, Fundación ICO require directly to stakeholders additional documentation, such as notes obtained during the current course, among others. In any case you can enjoy of the ICO Foundation scholarships for more than two years.

applicants for these grants must meet the following requirements:

to / nationality: scholarships may apply for those people who hold Spanish nationality or staying in one of the situations indicated in article 9 of the organic law 4/2000, of 11 January, on rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain and their social integration.

B / age: being born after 1973 (from the 1 January 1974).

C / not affected by disease, nor be affected by physical or mental limitation incompatible with the complete development of the program that is chosen.

D / studies: you must be in possession of the diploma of degree, Licentiate or engineer, proof of having so requested or a certificate of notes that say expressly that the candidate has completed these studies.

E / degrees obtained outside Spain shall be admitted provided they are approved by the Ministry of education, culture and Spanish sport.

F / according to the financial nature of the ICO, these scholarships are preferably destined for nominations in the areas of administration and management, business administration, economics and international trade.

G / minimum knowledge of the mandarin Chinese language: the applicant must complete accredit your level. An advantage especially to be in possession of the HSK Certificate, though other titles may be submitted also (preferably official bodies).

H / English proficiency: proficiency in the English language must provide documented proof. This knowledge should be accredited by title stating expressly the equivalent of the common European framework of reference (at least level B2).

I / have a minimum two years professional experience in fields related to their studies of Bachelor's degree or grade. This experience should be accredited by

labor life or Charter of the enterprise or employer in detailing the type of contract, the dates and the functions performed by the person concerned.

scholarship includes the following concepts:

course, which will be paid directly by the Fundación ICO fees to the Destination University. Accommodation in student residence or other accommodation expenses, up to the limit of the cost thereof in university residence. Manning of 2,000 euros, as aid for the transfer. Health insurance that includes international coverage. Annual contribution of 4,400 euros for personal expenses, which will be paid in three instalments: September, January and April. All these amounts shall be subject to the withholding tax that mark the law.

the period of submission of applications ends on February 18, 2013 at 14.00 h (Madrid time), date which should have received at the headquarters of Fundación ICO. Any bid received after this date and time, regardless of who had sent prior to this date and time will not be accepted.

applicants should fill the application form "on line" which you will find on the website Requests sent via this medium will only be accepted for processing. This form will be exclusively, attached in Word or PDF documents that do not contain photos:

1. CV in Spanish.

2. Explanatory memorandum in Spanish, with a maximum of 3 pages, which will develop exclusively the project and/or professional objectives pursued.

3. A photocopy of Bachelor's degree/degree.

4. Photocopy of the title of Chinese level.

5. Photocopy of the title's English level.

6. Working life (or accreditation according to 2.1. i) of these guidelines.

pre-admitidos list will be published on the website within a maximum of three weeks from the close of the application period. At that time, and through the same web page, will indicate how to send the remaining documentation that the applicant deems appropriate to improve your score. Similarly, if the ICO Foundation deems it necessary, it may call to all or some of the pre-selected for a personal interview.

in the term that has also announced through it, will meet the Council

Adviser fellowships that will assess all applications supported and selected, in accordance with the established scales, the candidates with the best score. Completed the evaluation of the candidatures will be a final proposal to the Fundación ICO. The resolution taken by the Fundación ICO, within a maximum of four weeks and published on the website, shall be final.

the communication to selected shall be made through the website and via email, at the address recorded in the form of application for the purpose of notifications between the parties. This e-mail communication will be only to selected candidates.