China grants is Central for Chileans

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

As the Central University of Chile (UCEN), through the Asia-Pacific Department and its program “China is Central”, is traditional opens again the nominations for managers, academics and graduates apply for scholarships for study of postgraduate and doctorate in China or learn Mandarin in schools of the Asian giant.

the above is the result of the close link between our House of studies, which translates into a friendship and cooperation agreement signed between the Chinese Government and the centralino campus.

it should be noted that the magister or doctorate scholarships are for areas of free choice in more than 150 Chinese universities.

grants have a duration of one to four years depending on the studies to perform.

the benefit includes 50% of the passage, tuition, materials study, medical treatment, viaticum for food and accommodation. Everything always with the patronage of People’s Republic of China Embassy in Chile and the program “China is Central” of the Central University of Chile.

inside the requirements requested are: be graduated UCEN or be in the process of graduation; be directors, official or academic UCEN; management of basic English and be less than 35 years.

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