Center professional EMU scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

In compliance with that stipulated in organic law 2/2006, of 3 may, education, in particular in its article 83, and other requirements laid down in the legal system, as well as the legal and social commitments acquired by the assignee of the Center professional EMU, this regulation lays down the requirements, academic and administrative of request of scholarship in the Centre professional EMUas well as procedures for the selection of fellows. This regulation aims to ensure that students with good academic performance can study its at the Center professional EMU, with the purpose of promoting personal development and training in our team of the best students.

Podran attend the annual convocation of scholarships to center professional EMU all students are enrolled in the Centre in any of the official qualifications of higher education (vocational training of FPS) included in the following cases:

a. scholarship for first time applicants

b. applicants for renewal of scholarship.

scholarships derived from agreements signed by Center professional EMU with other institutions, public or private, shall be governed by the provisions of the Convention itself and inspire in the principles set out in this regulation.

institutions that Center professional EMU sign conventions concerning scholarships will be informed of this regulation. Also, the Scholarship Committee will be represented with voice and vote in the meetings of the institutions in which the candidates scholarship students of the professional Center select EMU

the Center professional EMU annually published each academic year scholarships before the month of June. Dissemination will be public and wide, and will be posted on the website of the European University of Madrid. In addition, stakeholders will be informed by the academic Secretary of the professional Center EMU.

both the application, as this regulation forms, will be available to applicants on the website of the European University of Madrid.

the new students will deliver your application in the Area of attention to the student of the Universidad Europea de Madrid since the day of start of registration period until 30 September. The request shall be accompanied by all relevant documentation.

the application deadline for the rest of students registered in the Central professional EMU ends 14 July or, where appropriate, the next business day.

scholarship applicants must meet the following requirements, verified by their academic record:

– students enrolled in the first course:

coming from high school: having a GPA greater than 6 high school
Entrance exam for over 25 years, from entrance exam of FPS: final grade higher than 8.
Those students from another cycle of FPS or university degree: average of this degree to 8 note.
In any case, students will justify complete compliance with this requirement, in addition to providing data and documentation required in article 3 of this regulation.

b) students enrolled in second year: from

of first Fellowship: automatic renewal.
Coming first: half note higher than 8.
From other FPS: half note higher than 8.

all scholarship granted or renewed with or without modification of the amount, is exclusively for the academic year that will begin. The renewal of a grant, in the manner laid down, there will be requested for each academic year.

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