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CEF scholarships for courses, masters and oppositions

Since 1992, the Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF) promotes the realization of studies and research projects through scholarships for courses and oppositions, so trying to motivate the people who through their efforts make that they advance the socio-economic and legal sciences.

in addition, the CEF allows payments of their courses and master's programmes in fractional way or access to long-term financing through agreements with different banks.

the period for submission of fellowship applications ends on September 16 of each year for domestic students and June 30 for foreigners (are independent processes). These scholarships are intended for classroom teaching.

foundations for grants convened by the CEF

1. Scholarship for one of the courses masters or preparation of opposition may only be requested. Those applications in which a same contestant pick up for more than one scholarship will be ignored.
. The obtained scholarship applies only to the master course or opposition granted.
. The economic strength of the aid amounts to 70% of the cost of the course master and 70% of fees for examinations for a period of 12 months. This amount may be subdivided by the Organization, among several applicants with similar records and the scholarship in 35% of the amount.
. For the request for aid the applicant must have completed the studies requested by the training Department for each of the courses masters or oppositions. The jury will act in accordance with this criterion: profile of studies required for each course master or opposition.
. Scholarships whose dossiers submitted to the jury evaluation, lack of the appropriate level will be deserted.