Carmen Arozena award

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Carmen Arozena award was established in 1973 by the family and friends of the artist Palm that after his untimely death, creates this engraving Prize in order to perpetuate his name and his work.

since 1989 this prestigious award is sponsored by the Insular de La Palma Excmo.Cabildo, giving it a guarantee of continuity for all who love this wonderful means of expression and since 2004 this institutional sponsorship, selected and prize-winning works are exposed in the Canarian space of creation and culture where the Cabildo made the official delivery Award and later travel to the island of La Palma to be exposed in the Salazar home.

is in the year 2000 when the Council instructs Brita Prinz Arte Prize organization. Since live year after year with every call the tensions and positive surprises that are created around it. When is it stamped on an engraving workshop always produced a tense thrill, the solitude of the artist becomes a collective adventure.

there are two prizes at the announcement of the 2015: A first prize of 4,000 euros and a second prize of 2,000 euros.

each artist must submit a graphic work that has not been already filed and that should be produced between 2013 and 2015. Any topic and any technique is valid.

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